A Weekend in The Pink City with Virginia Borrero

If a trip to Jaipur is on your mind, resident Columbian designer Virginia Borrero of label DeCastro has the ideal itinerary for you. With her first visit in 2014 as a young jewellery intern, it’s been a whirlwind love affair for Virginia, luring her back to its charm and finally welcoming her, arms wide open, to settle for good. Rejoice in the local offerings and creative inspiration that make Jaipur a memorable travel destination and read on for tried and tested experiences that made a lasting impact on her.

 Day 1

Hideaways and Scenic Walks

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort

A trek Virginia discovered in lockdown- starting at Anokhi Museum, keep an eye out for a gate with a stairway to Jaigarh Fort. She recommends hitting this stretch by 8am for an upwards climb of the walled city ending in surreal morning views of both, Amber and Jaigarh Forts.


An Indulgent Treat

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Samode Haveli

Over the years, Virginia has learnt to savour Indian spices, and is a big fan of ‘laal maans’. She suggests lunching at Samode Haveli- an all-time favourite. She isn’t a great cook, she jokingly tells us, and frequents the hotel for all her meat cravings.


Renowned Architecture and Tales from The Past

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Amber Fort

The famous Amber Fort and City Palace must be ticked off any tourist’s checklist. Amber Fort offers Segway tours for a bit of fun while touring the land, and with mesmerising architecture steeped in culture- City Palace is a sight for sore eyes, the perfect backdrop to enhance your Instagram feed!


Day 2

 A Start Like No Other

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Dera Amer Wilderness Camp

Wake up to the sweet calls of nature, among the gentlest elephants that will visit you right up to your doorstep. Virginia suggests Dera Amer Wilderness Camp with luxury tents for a lavish stay. Enjoy a hearty breakfast and begin your morning feeding the friendly mammals and even bathing them if the weather allows it.


Retail Therapy

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Narain Niwas Palace, Parampara Jaipur

Virginia spills her top picks for a fulfilling shopping spree in the city:

  • Narain Niwas Palace - housing an arcade with a number of boutiques to strike your fancy.
  • Ridhi Sidhi Textiles - ask for their unique, whimsical umbrellas to brighten any space or accompany your holiday outfit on a sunny day.
  • MI Road- walk around Jaipur’s most commercial lane! Indulge yourself in exotic skincare, teas and more.
  • Parampara Jaipur store- Virginia’s co-owned curated concept store, home to her brainchild- DeCastro. Explore a wide range of home-grown and international brands that speak to her aesthetic. 


A Royal Feast

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Peshawari

The way to a foodie’s heart- dig in at Peshawari. Virginia recommends the most flavourful ‘raan’ marinated for over twenty-four hours.


Day 3

 An Artful End

Virginia Borrero, Jaipur, Pink City, Anokhi Museum

If you’re lucky enough for a third day to spare, lose yourself to Anokhi Museum of hand-printing, where you’ll witness the remarkable process first-hand. The Sculpture Park at Madhavendra Palace is another interesting exhibit marrying a traditional exterior with contemporary art adorning the interior.

 With the Jaipur Literature Festival right around the corner starting 28th January mark your calendars and begin the count-down!