#VocalForLocal: Designer Spotlight: Arjun Rathi

Arjun Rathi is a celebrated designer and architect. His fluid but structural design is a testament to the fact that light does more than just alter the mood and dimensions of a space: it can also serve as art decor. His Bauhaus style pieces are dynamic, eccentric but clean and elegant in their whimsy. We spoke to Arjun Rathi about his favorite pieces at Le Mill, how to use lighting to transform your space and his design philosophy.

Can you tell us about the Arjun Rathi design philosophy? 

Arjun Rathi Design is a multi- disciplinary studio working across Architecture and Lighting Design.The studio explores design-based interpretations of what “Light” means to us. Many of us spend a majority of our time living and working in different environments lit by artificial light; as a studio we aim to interpret space through the lens of lighting - create fixtures that can capture our imagination and inspire us in these spaces. Working on both ends of the design spectrum, from single pieces made together with craftsmen, to mass-produced objects developed in collaboration with manufacturers; the studio explores intuitive and formal processes to design product and space.

What are some easy ways our clients can redesign their own bedroom or work space?

A simple way to change the atmosphere of your living or workspace can be done through a combination of accessories and soft lighting effects. As working from home becomes more important, adding a Table, Desk or Standing Lamp near your work desk can be a great way to add task lighting and a soft ambiance to the room. Adding plants can be an easy way to add freshness and splashes of color to these spaces. The pots, among other accessories, are great to explore new textures which can contrast and give the room a new look. Diffusing harsh natural light through colorful or printed sheers or blinds can make the room more usable in the afternoons.

What do you look for when buying new furniture or lighting?

I am personally excited by textures and bold minimal forms. The scale of the pieces, how big or small or sleek they are to fit into the room. Comfort and multi-functionality are also important factors, and must be suited to your needs. 

What sets Arjun Rathi's studio apart from other Indian architects?

The studio has a background of architecture and designs spaces through customized lighting concepts. From 100 feet plus lighting installations to customized lighting products for spaces, the studio is working from macro to micro scales. Through this customized design process, we end up generating product collections, namely the Bauhaus and Shikhara Collections showcased at Le Mill. The studio is well versed with all forms of metals, casting processes, glass blowing and many times combined artisanal crafts with these materials to produce lighting. We also have our own in-house workshops in India where all products are manufactured, ensuring quality and timeline delivery.

Tell us about what's so special about the pieces we house at Le Mill.

The collections at Le Mill, in true Bauhaus style, explore industrial fabrication in combination with hand blown glass, to create a collection of lighting. Clean geometric forms and materials like glass and metal embody a futuristic look and yet maintain functionality. The collection of standing lamps and hanging pendants are multi-functional and versatile enough to be used in any space as the main or accent source of lighting. 

What are 3 of your favorite creations that consumers can shop on Le Mill.

The Loop Standing Lamp 

The Wavelength Hanging Light 

The L-Lamp


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