#LeMillRecommends: DIY Kits To Swear By

Calling all proud know-alls! If you have a stimulating love affair with the search bar, the world of DIY is your sanctuary. This one's for the curious cats with an itch to scratch. Curb that incessant need to study ingredient labels and put faith in your trusty fingers. Unlock level 2 and unleash the creator within. Whether a self-proclaimed connoisseur or a Sunday afternoon hobbyist - we’ve put together kits for every kind of you.


Stick and Poke Tattoos by Tender Pokes

Delhi-based artist Shreya Josh’s starter kit has everything you need to safely give yourself and friends permanent tattoos (unofficial skilled tattoo-artist brag-tag inclusive). Adorable personalised packaging makes a rather scary concept feel exciting and easy-breezy.

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Fluid Art by Sakshi Lunkad

Sakshi’s boxes have created a niche in the ‘art for all’ market. Her popular fluid art videos on Instagram among others are pure bliss to watch. Her art instils a surrender to the medium in the most fulfilling way. Grab a drink, put on your best tunes, and have a paint party with you and yours.

Get your own pretty SLA kit here.


Microgreens by All That Grows

Since going organic is all the hype- why not dig deep into what you’re putting into your body? From basil and spinach to pak choi and alfalfa, grow your own greens for some delectable salads. Beautiful plating opportunities to follow!

For more information click here.


Organic Body Butter by Bee Organik

The ultimate finish to your fancy skincare routine—a cold-weather saviour all from scratch! Nourishing ingredients and dreamy scents of orange, tea tree, frankincense, and nutmeg essential oils from an ethical skincare brand make this kit vital in your beauty arsenal.

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Kombucha Tea by Cultures to Love

This anti-oxidant packed fermented drink is as enjoyable to make and watch come to fruition as it is to drink. With a week long-process, this kit is ideal for the star-vlogger in you.

Get it here.


Stretch your back and take some time off the screen. Let’s go back to what makes us most human- the simple joy of making. Immerse away DIYers!