#LeMillRecommends: The Best Coffee Table Books For Your Home

While one should not judge a book by its cover, the old rule is bent in the face of striking and contemporary coffee table books. While a good one exudes aesthetic luxury that pleases the eye, the best ones seamlessly combine beauty with engaging content that stimulates the mind. Embodying sophistication and appreciation for an array of topics, coffee table books double up as the perfect gift to compliment the more predictable bottle of wine. From art connoisseurs and travel experts to fashion gurus, we have compiled a list of the best coffee table books that are the perfect enhancements for the sombre spaces in your home.

Joseph Dirand: Interior

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Echoing the simplicity of the title, ‘Interior’ celebrates Joseph Dirand’s remarkable minimalist architectural style. Dirand’s distinctive technique of incorporating classic French interiors into muted spaces has made him one of the most sought-after architects. Consisting of lavish interiors and architecture, ‘Interior’ encapsulates the debonair of coffee-table book culture, making it a must-have to jazz up your living room. Shop it here.

The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining

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Hardbound in flamboyance, Monocle’s vibrant and quirky coffee-table book guide provides the right relief for dull spaces and minds. The large-format manual takes readers on a journey to explore exquisite food and drink that savor the palates of people all around the world. Providing a reprieve from Michelin-star fine dining, Monocle’s guide deviates into appreciating the liveliest cafes and markets which celebrate food as an experience - eaten with love, packed with care, and seasoned with the joy and power of cuisines to bring communities together. Shop it here.

Peter Lindbergh On Fashion Photography

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Peter Lindbergh has forever been memorialized for rewriting the rules of fashion photography and portraiture. Hailed for his striking black and white images that graced the covers of fashion’s leading magazines, Lindbergh’s work ushered in a new era of story-telling and depth to understanding fashion. Curated by renowned publishing house TASCHEN, ‘Peter Lindbergh. On Fashion Photography’ commemorates the visionary’s extraordinary contribution to the world’s leading names in fashion over a span of four decades. The 300-page book filled with breathtaking imagery, is accompanied by footnotes contributed by Anna Wintour, Jean Paul Gaultier and Cindy Crawford. Shop it here.

Cereal City Guide: London, Paris and New York

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Hand-picked for the travel aficionados, Cereal’s city guides for the three most magnificent cities in the world are a must-have. The founders of Cereal - a leading independent travel and lifestyle magazine - share their love for an expertise in travelling through this carefully curated guide that perfectly marries the desires of a tourist with the recommendations of a local. The book, flooded with stunning images of cobbled streets and boutique stores to hidden cafes, is a visual treat - making it the right coffee-table fit to keep guests engaged. Shop it here.

Leonardo by Leonardo

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Researched and curated by da Vinci scholar, Martin Kemp, ‘Leonardo by Leonardo’ celebrates the extraordinary works of a man that warrants no introduction. Deemed by Kemp as “the most famous person in the history of world visual culture”, the landmark publication is an exhaustive collection of 19th century Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci’s work. Curated with state-of-the-art digital technology, this coffee-table book is not only a feast for the eyes but also presents a perfect narration to honor the unparalleled contributions of one of the finest artists in history. Shop it here.