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      Saga Of Soam - Therapeutic oils that emerge from a blend of nature to enrich the skin, mind and soul.

      8 products

      8 products

      Where beauty meets catharsis, radiance meets self-confidence and solutions to skin care meets the elixirs of Ayurveda and Aromachology – Saga of Soam meets you! Brewed in a beautiful blend of nature, the Saga of Soam collection online brings you therapeutic oils, not just for your skin, but also your mind and soul.

      Unlike many other ventures, Saga of Soam emphasizes and takes pride in its limited batches produced per product, so as to ensure the purity of its ornamental oils. Sourced from across the globe, the ingredients used in the making of these oils from the Saga of Soam collection online are pristine and of the highest purity – to nurture and nourish your skin and bring it back to center stage. 

      With an ideology where slow beauty comes with side benefits and not side effects that comprises its entire ethos, shop these enriching face oils from the Saga of Soam collection online at for elevated and enlivened you! 

      Le Mill’s curation of Saga of Soam collection online includes therapeutic oils that emerge from a blend of nature to enrich the skin, mind and soul. Shop the collections at our brick-and-mortar space in Colaba or online at 

      Everything you need to know about therapeutic oils from the Saga of Soam collection online. Shop now at Le Mill. 

      Saga of Soam celebrates our rich artisanal luxury and handcrafts through their latest line of therapeutic oils. Contemporary organic design married with an Indian artisanal edge- Saga of Soam is a homegrown label that engineers a unique range of wellness and skincare products. 

      Attentively and affectionately teaming the roots of Indian Ayurveda with ecstatic Aromachology, all the while using the best of nature in its purest form and steering clear of chemicals, Saga of Soam is a medley of essential elements for your skin, as well as a cathartic cleanse for your mind. Find your perfect fit from Saga of Soam’s therapeutic oils here: 


      The Porcelain oil by Saga of Soam is an exhilarating amalgamation of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory Geranium. It is carefully culled from Reunion Islands and united with antioxidant rich cold pressed Pomegranate oil from India. The Porcelain face oil from the Saga of Soam collection online keeps dilated pores and your oily T-zone in check. Its zealous fragrance pairs citrus with a mild mutter of a crisp scent. Soothe yourself in a serenade of sweetness coupled with supple skin from this Saga of Soam oil. 


      Journey across Norway and Spain and back to India with the Incandescence face oil by Saga of Soam. It comprises ingredients few and far in between for the care your skin hungers. Carefully crafted with the age protector Cloudberry oil, the nutritive Neroli oil- this therapeutic oil by Saga of Soam is packed with other essentials exceptionally beneficial for skin care. Incandescence from the Saga of Soam online collection truly brings back the innocent infant-like luster of skin. Think the scent of fresh picked flowers doused in sweet honey and packed with a waft of nature – and you have Incandescence – with no added chemicals and fragrances, as fresh as fresh comes. 


      A potent pastiche of 100% natural ingredients such as Rosehip oil and Himalayan Cedarwood, sourced across the seven seas for satiated skin, the Effervescence face oil brings you fragments of the natural environment in a bottle. Selectively sourced from Morocco, Chile, Reunion Islands and India, the beautiful bind of these ingredients gently relieves puffiness under the eyes and gives way to smooth skin. Feel closer to nature in all its candidness with a whiff of flowers in bloom and fresh fruits, packed together with incessant ardour. 


      Full of fortuity for a festive season, the Serendipity oil by Saga of Soam embraces all skin types. Made with the finest rose oil from Bulgarian roses and Meadowfoam oil from Canada rich in Vitamin E, this oil is an inviting enchantment in itself. This oil from the Saga of Soam collection oil conserves the skin’s natural oil balance and effortlessly de-stresses your mind. Dive into the divinity of sweet-smelling roses and intoxicate your mind with unmatched exultation. 


      A fusion of fervor, the Apsara face oil from the Saga of Soam collection online takes your skin on an angelic expedition. With ingredients such as Rosehip and Neroli oil from Chile and Spain, and Frankincense and Jasmine Sambac from India’s wholesome heartland, the Apsara oil diligently drives away age spots and minimizes wrinkles with its bounty of Vitamin C, E and other supplements. Capturing a warm hug in the form of a scent, the Apsara oil by Saga of Soam has a rich, rare fragrance! 

      Golden Glow 

      Bask in glory and grace with the Golden Glow face oil by Saga of Soam – a power-packed duo of Rosehip oil extracted from wild rosehips from the Andean mountains in Chile and the sacred Saffron from India. Rejuvenate, revive and replenish a dull day and dull skin with gleaming grandeur of this oil from Saga of Soam collectio online. Marrying sugar and spice, the fragrance of this blissful pair uplifts and inspires to levitate with love. 

      Indulge yourself or spoil a loved one with Saga of Soam’s therapeutic oils, rooted in slow beauty. Discover Saga of Soam collection online at