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3 products

If you’re in London and have a hankering for some Bengali Jamdani or Gujarati Bandhani, Varana in Mayfair should be your go-to destination. Flanked by heritage labels, this artisanal luxury fashion house stands out with it’s contemporary display of Indian traditional craftsmanship.

Co-founders Sujata Keshavan, Ravi Prasad and Meeta Malhotra envisioned a sustainable creative experience that immersed the global customer into India’s rich artistry. Inspired by the city of Varanasi which is regarded as the soul of India, Varana can be variously defined as a river, a blessing, a benediction, a reward in Sanskrit. Varana’s designer Sujata Keshavan recognized a gap within the industry for a brand that creates a bridge between India’s culture rich luxury market and global fashion. The Indian wear market predominantly comprised of wedding wear, and hence, always combined luxury with opulence. Through Varana, Sujata wanted to adapt indigenous crafts to the silhouettes of Western markets.

Varana was created in 2015 and employs various craft clusters for the production of their designer collections. They employee designers and craftsmen from around the world that come together at their studio in Bengaluru to create Varana’s designer collections. Most fabrics are created in-house and print workshops are conducted from Kashmir in the north to Bengal in the east, Saurashtra in the west and Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the south. Varana also forays into crafts from India’s neighboring countries like Nepal and Sri Lanka. Garment designers from Italy and France and knitwear designers from Japan also impart the knowledge and expertise from the Western point of view. By marrying highly skilled crafts with functional design, Varana’s designer collections have created a platform for indigenous artistry to be empowered and recognized. With sustainability at the apex of their business and production model, only natural fibers are used in the making of Varana’s designs.

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Urbane and sophisticated, Varana’s designs are co-created with a network of artisans to elevate the functional properties of Indian craftsmanship. Some of their signature styles include the Amaya silk organza trench coat, oversized Takuma cashmere cardigans and the linen Sharara trouser-skirt. The fine silk ‘Heavenly’ shirts and craft infused cotton T-shirts are also wardrobe staples that are replenished season after season.

The fabrics that Varana collections are cut from are either created from Indian craftsmanship or make use of the vocabulary from our heritage. These elements are then reinterpreted through contemporary design. Trousers inspired by the sharara, balloon trousers that are reminiscent of the salwar, full skirts crafted after the lehenga are exemplary of Varana’s modern takes on signature Indian silhouettes.

Himalayan Cashmere is quintessential to Varana’s collections. Full length cardigans, stoles and other forms of warm knits are produced from unbelievably soft and luxurious Cashmere. Since most Indian textiles are better suited for higher temperatures, Cashmere is an essential option for Varana to cater to clothing suitable for cold weathers.

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Varana’s ethos weaves sustainability into every process involved in their production. In this day and age, where fast fashion is dominating the clothing industry, Varana is striving towards creating a label that places exquisite craftsmanship at the apex of their business model. With globalization at all-time high, skilled artisans are at the brink of losing their livelihoods. Varana’s collections are not only aimed towards improving the environmental impact, but also the social impact of slow fashion on craft clusters. Design, quality and longevity are always prioritised in Varana’s clothing. Beauty and luxury do not need to create a negative impact on the environment is what Varana’s collections are testament to.