Green Tourmaline Bloom Bracelet by Agaro Jewels
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Green Tourmaline Bloom Bracelet

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Remember that one time when you noticed the flower lady, entwining freshly plucked florets to create a floral bliss? Agaro Jewels’ Bloom bead bracelets offer just that, however, without depreciating the beautiful nature of its green glory! Painted with the intricacy of hands, and the splash of an effervescent color palette, presented here is the bloom of nature in a tiny bead of joy.

Bead in 22K gold, green tourmaline set in 24 K gold Kundan, and vitreous enamel; Looped with a nylon cord.


  • Adjustable slide knot.


  • Green


  • Bead size approx. 7 1/2 mm

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