Jiva by Ikai Asai
Jiva by Ikai Asai


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Set Of Two Tumblers
Moulded in mud, liquid platinum inside, these pieces of white, belong with the wise. Craft Type: Studio Pottery

Dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization, this art form is still extensively practised in the Indian subcontinent, mainly to create large matkis (jars), kulhar cups and oil lamps. Using innovative techniques, our artist from Aurivolle brings alive the aesthetics of her dream room -- a postcolonial quarter with minimal textures - through her faded treatment of the floral motifs and uneven application of the glaze on each product. Moreover, she individually hand-paints all her motifs, turning every piece of pottery into a unique artefact that can only be found in the room of your dreams.


  • Cream 


  • Length: 7.5, Height: 7.5, Breadth: 7.5, Dia: 7.5                                   
  • No. Of Pieces in a set: Set of Two Tumblers 

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