Oontra Vessel by Raw Material
Unique Oontra Vessel

Raw Material

Oontra Vessel

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Vessels are the most elemental form of objects, from the granary vessels of early man to the ritual vessels of everyday life. These vessels honor the ordinary beauty of containers while blurring the line between utility and sculpture. As a series of exaggerated volumes, they define the space within and hold the space around them. Their austere stone surfaces attempt to look at marble as just another mineral from the earth, much like clay, emphasizing its raw beauty.


  • Black 


  • Natural Marble 


  • H51  L30  W30 cms

Studio Raw Material is an exploration of geology. The process began with exploring materiality in relation to socio-economic forces that guide its abundance, scarcity, and wastage, enabling an understanding of inherent paradoxes and perceptions that exist around materials. The work results from the studio's interest in the desert plains of western India, rich in various minerals and processes like salt, marble, clay, and plant-based resins. Their work ranges from hand-made limited edition objects to site-specific architectural spaces.

A limited-edition collection. Only six pieces available worldwide.

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