Sage & Rhubarb Bathing Bar by Sova
Sage & Rhubarb Bathing Bar by Sova


Sage & Rhubarb Bathing Bar

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An ayurvedic bathing bar, infused with Rhubarb, Sage, and vitamin E. This bathing bar makes the skin soft and supple and tones uneven complexion.

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Keep your skin looking healthy and clear with this nourishing and healing natural bathing bar enriched with medicinal sage and exotic rhubarb that detoxify and evoke daily regeneration of skin cells making it soft and supple, While the additional blend of mystical herbs like Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Grapes maintains fresh and youthful-looking skin by nourishes and moisturize it.


  • Pink


  • 63 x 63 x 35mm

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