Serafina Petite Serving Dish
Serafina Petite Serving Dish

Ikai Asai

Serafina Petite Serving Dish

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Forged on fire, cooked in earth, tasting of folktales and stardust, the good old days imbibed into moulded mud.

Deep in the lush hills of Meghalaya, black pottery is practiced solely by a community of gifted women, who channel ancient wisdom and the spirit of the forest into creating intricate vessels from clay. Breaking away from the usual practice of sitting at the wheel by potters, our craftswomen practice a unique method of standing over a form until it takes its desired shape. Further, shattering all artistic barriers, these craftswomen only use homegrown wheels and self-made wooden tools to shape every creation with their bare hands.

Made in:   Meghalaya

Material:  Earthenware

Dimensions (cm):  Length: 20.5, Height: 19.7, Breadth: 20.5, Dia: 17

No. of pieces in a set:  1, One Pot with Lid

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