Spark - Jasmine Ylang by MyMuse
Spark - Jasmine Ylang by MyMuse
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Spark - Jasmine Ylang

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'A candle that lights the fire within

Spark is the ultimate bedroom essential. Our beautiful candle comes in a ceramic jar and contains 100% soy wax, with two lead-free cotton wicks that glow brighter and burn cleaner. Spark is carefully crafted with unique combinations of natural fragrances that make your senses come alive. Use it to create the perfect, intimate mood, add a warm glow to your home, or just unwind after a long day.

Burn time: 25-35 hours

Aka Simmering Looks & Melting Moves
Welcome to the sensual, intoxicating world of Jasmine. This floral scent has long been considered an aphrodisiac in Eastern cultures for its beautifully seductive, sweet aroma. We’ve paired it with Ylang Ylang– a hidden gem in aromatherapy, known for its freshness and stress-relieving properties. A wake-up call for the senses, this Spark candle is an indulgent reminder that every day is the perfect day for love.


  • White color ceramic jar


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