2020 Blues

As we set foot into the last quarter of this long year, all we can wish for is any sign of the ‘dependable and stable’ foundation the Pantone Colour of The Year ironically promised us. One thing we’ve thoroughly been schooled on this year is resilience. Resemblant of a sky at dusk- here's to manifesting many bright mornings through colour for the final stretch of 2020.

If you’re in a blue funk, here’s your true-blue manual to all things – you guessed it, blue.

The Classic Blue 19-4052 encapsulates versatility. Its resplendent hue is tranquillity paramount. With unbounded context in language and history, it’s a no-brainer that manages to remain relevant. The primary colour isn’t one for the eyes alone, it’s emotions galore. It’s royal, its subdued, it’s the sky and the sea. It’s sincere solace– and it’s a mighty storm all rolled into one. It’s a restful slumber yet a vivid daydream. Since the pigment hardly materialises in nature, whether to don a monochrome look or sneak a cheeky hint is up to you - you’ll always be the star of the show. Here’s how the deep shade made a splash on the runway.

Balenciaga, Balmain, Saint Laurent

Bonus Tip! Blue is here to stay. “The must-have matching set dominates Milan Fashion Week SS 21. The newest call-out for denim is a loose and languid cut, opting for boxy trucker jackets teamed with culottes or slouchy pants.”, says WGSN- international authority on trend forecasting. So, fear not and invest away guilt-free on our transition picks.

Chloé, Sacai, Balenciaga

Colour psychology plays more of a role than one might guess. Since optimism is the order of the day, what better than cosying up in something that practically screams it. Mind over matter folks! Waltz into sweater-weather on trend.
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