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      34 products

      Good shoes can be good for a moment, or good for a lifetime. Women across the world are always on the hunt for the perfect shoe that can do both. Look no further, Le Mill’s curations of designer shoes from across the globe is the place you will find it.

      Designer Shoes: Through the Ages 

      Shoes, since their inception, have been way more than just utilitarian accessories to protect your feet. They are the ultimate feel-good accessory and have held a place of prestige in women’s wardrobes. From Marie Antoinette’s exorbitant collection of lacy heels to the glass slipper Cinderella left behind, shoes are the go-to accessory for iconic women- living or fictional.  

      In the early 20th century, accessories giant Salvatore Ferragamo rose to fame with his line of well-crafted designer shoes. He was in the spotlight for experimenting with unusual materials including kangaroo, crocodile, and fish skin along with the creation of the cork wedge sandals. Gucci reinvented the Loafer in the mid-1900s. The Loafer went on to become the footwear of choice for the fashion-forward in the 1980s. In the 1950s Roger Vivier from the House of Dior is credited with adding the Stiletto heel to the roster of must-have designer shoes. Vivier used silk, pearls, beads, lace, appliqué and jewels to create the designer shoes of every woman’s dreams.  

      It wasn’t until the 1960s that Karl Birkenstock helped us rest those arches and put comfort at the apex of priorities. Birkenstock sandals have now become a household name as a key style for everyday essentials. The 1980s brought along the age of athleisure meets disco. While on one hand women rocked metallic heels, brands like Reebok, Nike and more were gaining traction on the other. Sneaker culture’s cult favorites, the Nike Air Jordans were incepted in this decade. The ‘90s and 2000s were a period dominated by platform heels, dad sneakers, ballet flats and strappy sandals made famous by international designer houses like Balenciaga, Chloé, Balmain, Alaïa, Saint Laurent and more.  

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      What’s your designer shoe type? 

      Finding the perfect shoe- one that fits well, looks good and is comfortable to strut around in, now made easy with Le Mill’s curations of shoes by designers and labels from around the world. Each pair has unmissable characteristics to it, whether it be an architectural heel, an iconic silhouette or a distinctive cut.  

      Heritage luxury houses are the definitive word when it comes to illustrating trends. They are investment pieces that will be worth their value owing to their classic designs and durable construction. Tapping into hard-core street style, Balenciaga’s designer shoes feature a range of hard-to-miss sneakers, iconic flats, and refined heels that have amassed cult status within the world of athleisure and luxury fashion. Staple styles from Saint Laurent are power shoes that have carved a niche for themselves. Chloé's understated classics are the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.  

      Boutique brands have been rising to the ranks of cult status in the last few years owing to social media. Designer shoes from labels like Jacquemus, Wandler, Ancient Greek Sandals and more are the perfect edits to add to any fashion forward wardrobe. These designer shoes are crafted with an eye for detail and comfort while playing with proportions, architectural elements and chic embellishments. 

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      Finding those designer shoes - the perfect heels for every occasion 

      Every fashion-forward wardrobe needs a pair of heels. High heels for women come with a certain feel-good factor that instantly boosts it’s wearer’s confidence. There is a perfect pair for every occasion. When it comes to designer shoes, Le Mill gives you the 101 on high heels for women to help you invest in the right pieces.  

      Wedges are undeniably the most comfortable type of heels that you can find. They are crafted to provide firm support to the arches and make it easy to move around in them. We suggest a pair of Chloé's Espadrille heels for a day by the pool or lounging around with tropical resort wear.  

      Block heels are your best bet for a day on the go. They are not only comfortable to strut around in, but also very chic. Wandler has carved the quintessential block heel in various architectural silhouettes and unusual shapes that are perfect for city life.  

      Stiletto heels are the ultimate heels, they have always been an absolute favorite among women since their inception. The stiletto heel can be incorporated with various styles of designer shoes- pumps, slingbacks, open-toed sandals and more. Stilettos are also innovated into iterations like the YSL Opium Heels feature a unique shape.  

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