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      The Balenciaga of today is mentioned in the same breath as game changing streetwear. It is known to create cutting edge bags that everyone from Kendall Jenner to Cardi B have sported time and again. The brand has always tapped into the future of fashion, not just in design but with it’s ideologies too.

      It’s unmatched drive for innovation has created a space for Balenciaga shoes in the industry with a disruptive energy.

      Right from the beginning Balenciaga shoes and clothing was always revered as an avant garde couture house, rooted in it’s exquisite display of sculpted tailoring. Since it’s inception in 1937, Balenciaga shoes and clothing have crafted contemporized fashion in ground breaking feminine silhouettes in state-of-the-art shapes, thus, paving the path for modern design. Founder Cristóbal Balenciaga’s understanding of architecture and design was reminiscent in all his concoctions. Unlike most designers that started their design process with sketches, Balenciaga started with draping fabric directly onto mannequins and letting his sensibilities create designs for him. He successfully pioneered silhouettes that have now trickled down and become a part of our everyday attire.

      Currently, Balenciaga is headed by street fashion savant Demna Gvasalia. He is a Georgian fashion designer who has extensive experience in working with contemporary luxury fashion houses. Demna is responsible for breathing a new, rebellious life into this heritage house. He has cemented the label’s name as an iconic, revolutionary institution that can pivot according to changing times. His resurrection of the brand included a major shift from highbrow couture to Gen Z centric street fashion. Gvasalia’s combination of cultural scrutiny and industrial volatility has made him somewhat contradictory to the luxury creative director image. He designs original but opulent everyday wear from within the masses.

      Since their foray into the accessories market, Balenciaga shoes have contemporized fashion in ground breaking silhouettes and state-of-the-art shapes, thus, paving the path for modern design. Balenciaga has successfully pioneered silhouettes that have now trickled down and become a part of our everyday styling. The iconic Cosy BB Mule, insta-famous Triple S Sneakers and the playful Furry 80mm Sandals are all iconic Balenciaga shoes that have made their way through the shoe's hall of fame.

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      Finding the perfect shoe- one that fits well, looks good and is comfortable to strut around in, now made easy with Le Mill’s curations of Balenciaga shoes. Each pair has unmissable characteristics to it, whether it be an architectural heel, an iconic silhouette or a distinctive cut.

      Heritage luxury houses are the definitive word when it comes to illustrating trends. They are investment pieces that will be worth their value owing to their classic designs and durable construction. Tapping into hard core street style, Balenciaga shoes feature a range of hard to miss sneakers that have quickly gathered cult status within the world of athleisure. Balenciaga shoes feature a retro aesthetic that has carved a niche for themselves.

      The Triple S ‘ugly’ sneakers are the Balenciaga shoes which kicked off a trend that became athleisure’s most famously resold product- the dad sneaker. The Triple S Sneaker from Balenciaga shoes collection is crafted in the complex triple-layer outsole, "Clear Sole" technology and has TPU injected inside the sole creating an air bubble for more lightness, increased comfort, and a shock-absorbing effect.

      Besides athleisure, Balenciaga shoes are also designed with the heritage luxury that Cristobal had carved out for the brand. The Cosy BB Mules are Balenciaga shoes that ascribe to Cristobal’s sensibilities. These Balenciaga shoes feature their signature BB buckle, square toe, a slip-on style, a flat sole, and a brand debossed insole. If there’s a shoe that transitions seamlessly from day to night, it’s this Balenciaga shoe.

      Balenciaga shoes are iconic for their ironic campaigns. The Furry 80mm Sandals are embroidered with the Balenciaga Political Campaign logo. Crafted from faux shearling, these furry open-toed heels from Balenciaga shoes collections feature an 80mm arch, tone-on-tone sole, and black outsole. A playful take on the classic summer slides, these Balenciaga shoes are designed with a wide top strap.

      Whatever color or style you pick, Balenciaga shoes are definitely worth the investment and sure to be one of those shoes that will achieve iconic, decade-defining status in the years to come. Balenciaga shoes are crafted with an eye for detail and comfort while playing with proportions, architectural elements and chic embellishments.

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