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      18 products

      18 products

      Many of us spend a majority of our time living and working in different environments lit by artificial light. A simple way to change the atmosphere of your living or workspace can be done through a combination of accessories and soft lighting effects. Designer lighting is meant to interpret space through the lens of lighting - fixtures that can capture our imagination and inspire us in these spaces.

      Acting as instant facelifts for your home, designer lighting should be your go-to option to spruce up your spaces. With pieces from designers like Arjun Rathi Designs, Rooshad Shroff, Casegood and more, Le Mill houses a wide array of designer rug options for you to choose from.   

      Le Mill’s curation of home products includes designer lighting rooted in traditional crafts and new era design for your living room, bedroom or any other spaces. 

      Which designer lighting are perfect for your living room? 

      Depth and playful illusion turned key elements of decor, harmoniously complementing handcrafted delights for your home— a perfect juxtaposition of shape and colour, of modernity and culture. Designer rugs have the potential to make one reimagine a space with a vibrant canvas beneath your feet.  

      Here are some ways to add personality to your home with designer rugs. 

      • Surface Pairings 

      Experiment with the texture of contrasting pieces and colours within your designer lighting. Rooshad Shroff’s designer lighting collections are crafted from a singular block of white ‘Makrana’ marble and will be a statement addition to your texture palettes. 

      • The ‘Less Is More’ Statement 

      If you have a minimalist aesthetic, do away with over-the-top designer lighting. Use clean bold patterns with a strong sense of design. The combination of glass, metal and stone used in Standing Lights by Casegoods works perfectly well within any minimalist space, especially with the streamlined silhouette of this designer lighting. 

      • Accentuating Your Spaces 

      Draw focus on one piece of designer lighting in your space that is an absolute conversation starter. From the designer lighting collections of Arjun Rathi Designs, their Shikhara Hanging Light will make for an accent piece that is unmistakably noticeable. 

      Le Mill houses an array of exceptional designer lighting brands that are handpicked to fit right into the fashion-forward spaces of the contemporary Indian woman. We strive to give you pieces whose value extends far beyond just aesthetics. What you can expect at Le Mill is designer lighting collections that are highly sought after and crafted by skilled artisans with the finest of materials. 

      Le Mill houses various labels from across the country that carry a diverse collection of designer lighting. Find your perfect fit at Le Mill’s brick and mortar space in Colaba or online at 

      Take your pick of designer lighting from Le Mill 

      Le Mill’s curated edits of designer lighting include architecture-inspired, timeless designs and statement pieces that will catch the eye and serve as conversation starters. Find the right fit for your space with these designer lighting options from some of the best labels in the industry.  

      Arjun Rathi Designs is a multi-disciplinary studio working across architecture and designer lighting. The studio explores design-based interpretations of what “light” means to us. Working on both ends of the design spectrum, from single pieces made together with craftsmen, to mass-produced designer lighting developed in collaboration with manufacturers; the studio explores intuitive and formal processes to design product and space. 

      Architect and designer Rooshad Shroff brings you the best of handmade designer lighting and bespoke furniture by using traditional Indian techniques. Working with artisans in Jaipur, India, each piece of designer lighting is handcrafted from a singular block of white ‘Makrana’ marble- carefully hollowed out into a tube or bulb of 6mm thickness that allows for the light to pass through. Each piece of Rooshad Shroff’s designer lighting takes on a different carving pattern that allows for different light patterns once illuminated. 

      Offering a range of designer lighting, furniture and other objects, Casegoods is rooted in the Indian tradition of craft while adhering to contemporary living. Implanting minimalism and functional design within their signature aesthetic, Casegoods’ designer lighting pieces are invested in fine craftsmanship. Casegoods’ designer lighting collections are developed with craftspeople and artisans whose experience of the craft stem back to over two decades. The Mumbai based studio churns out high quality, sustainable designs that are exemplary of a collaborative effort. Casegoods’ designer lighting collections comprise of geometrically sound products that stretch from the ‘Rolling Round' lamp in rosewood and brass to the ‘Seven Tube Light’ with a hand-applied patina. 

      Discover designer lighting from Casegoods, Arjun Rathi Designs, Rooshad Shroff and many more are housed at Le Mill. Check out Le Mill’s designer lighting collections online at