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      25 products

      Today, a good designer bag is a perfect investment you can make. Since their inception, designer bags have survived all sorts of trying times and emerged a true wardrobe hero. Once you have found your match, a designer bag can elevate any look- from lounging around in casuals to more formal options and dressier occasions. Designer bags have now begun to evoke an instant ‘I need that’ reaction from women everywhere.

      The ultimate go-to accessory of the woman on the go has been the tote handbag. This makes the case for investing in a designer tote bag- one that ascribes to your individualistic style along with being functional. Le Mill gives you a round-up of the world of designer tote bags.

      Bags have survived a lot since their inception. The evolution of the modern world saw the bag adapt to the needs of every era. They have adapted to the war in the ‘40s, the rise of the bohemian subculture in the ‘60s, the disco era of the ‘70s and ‘80s and the popularization of all things internet in the ‘90s. As the essentiality of the bag turned to a blend of aesthetics and functionality, the tote handbag had to be the next best thing.

      With the pursuit for designer collections on the rise, labels and designers ventured out into the accessories market. Heritage houses like Balenciaga, Chloé, Saint Laurent, and many more dominated the markets and developed a cult following for their ‘It’ bags. What started off mainly as word of mouth and excited scream-inducing marketing, soon found it’s rightful place on social media. Instagram is responsible for helping upcoming pieces by boutique designers gain cult status. Designer shoulder bags from Wandler, KASSL Editions, Jacquemus, and more are some must-have Instagram stars that rose up the ranks.

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      The Turf of Totes: Shop Tote Bags for Women at Le Mill

      Totes are fundamentally functional. But when these functional objects are designed and crafted by luxury houses, they are meant to do way more than just be arm candy. Designer tote bags are crafted with materials and resources that lengthen their shelf life. Over the years, they have been created and iterated in various styles to fit the needs of the woman of today.

      Accessorizing your outfits with comfortable but chic bags is always the goal. Le Mill breaks down the best tote bags for each occasion.

      Shopper Tote Bag: This kind of tote bags has to be an absolute favorite among women everywhere. A comfortable, roomy tote bag that features a relaxed silhouette and is easy to carry around. KASSL Editions’ Oil Bags are the shopper tote bags of your dreams. They are crafted for a casual setting. Chloé's Darryl tote bags are another equally comfortable option that not only make you look chic, but hold all your essentials for a day on the go. Sling a Balenciaga Short Handle bag over your shoulder for a more edgy look.

      Structured Tote Bag: Structured tote handbags are meant for a refined edit. A structured leather tote handbag like the Balenciaga Canvas tote handbag is the go-to for accessorizing an outfit from the power dressing genre. Balenciaga’s Wave Tote handbags also come with a long handle to sling them around. Saint Laurent’s Loulou Puffer is a chic tote handbag option for a dressier occasion.

      Beach Tote Bag: Tote bags on the beach are a match made in heaven. Chloé's Marcie Baskets are designer totes that will have you beach ready in seconds. Joli Joli’s eccentric tote bags are not just chic but also kind to the environment as they are upcycled from fabric scraps and plastic waste.

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      We understand the need to invest in a designer bag that has room for all your essentials. Le Mill’s curated edits of large tote bags for women include functional styles, timeless designs and statement pieces that will fit right into any fashion-forward wardrobe.

      Chloé's Darryl tote should be your go-to if you are on the lookout for a casual but chic large tote bag that can hold your work essentials. It is crafted for a longer shelf life by the finest in French craftsmanship. Balenciaga’s streetwear edits include a Canvas large tote handbag that belongs right on your arms when you have a busy day ahead. The Short Handle bag by Balenciaga is another large tote bag that exudes a streetwear edge.  

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