Be part of the dream team!

In 2011, the store was launched by transforming a partition era warehouse into a lifestyle store. In 2015, the store moved to its current historical location, near Mumbai’s Yacht Club and the Gateway of India. Our co-founders Cecilia Morelli and Julie Leymarie paved the way by bringing luxury brands to India for the first time. With a thoughtful and curated eye, we keep up with international fashion trends, as well as champion domestic designers and handpick pieces that fit the modern Indian woman’s aesthetic and life choices.  

At Le Mill, we take pride in our teams shared goal to consistently challenge fashion’s place in our culture. We don’t just sell clothes, we sell a balanced lifestyle, bridging India with the world. Whether your aspirations lie in fashion, luxury retail, creative design, communications or logistics, we can offer you a chance to embed yourself in the fabric of our vision. It takes many voices to evolve as a brand, and we want to hear what you have to say.

To work with us, send in your cover letter and CV at and tell us why and in what capacity you’d like to join the Le Mill family.