Aje: A contemporary Australian fashion house dedicated to raw beauty, and effortless cool. Shop Aje's skirts, mini dresses, clothing & more, online at Le Mill.

      65 products

      65 products

      Australian label Aje is a contemporary fashion house that was incepted to bridge the gap between coastal and urban style. This label is dedicated to creating pieces rooted in raw beauty and effortless cool. From Madonna and Katy Perry, to Olivia Culpo and Gigi Hadid, consider everyone a fan.

      Aje was started in 2008 by best friends Edwina Forrest and Adrian Norris.

      A creative partnership was inevitable when the two creative forces met each other in 2005. From a young age Edwina always found herself gravitating towards the arts and when she met Adrian, he further ignited the creative spirit in her. Back then, she was pursuing a stint in magazines as a fashion stylist while Adrian ran a small boutique called Strada in Noosa. A quaint coastal town in Queensland, Australia, Noosa was a picturesque location that attracted tourists from urban settings. Adrian realized that the clothes he was buying for Strada weren’t suitable for Noosa and others weren’t appropriate for when customers returned from their holiday to Sydney or Melbourne.

      Together, Adrian and Edwina forged an organic friendship and creative partnership. Aje was born out of the need for a versatile fashion house that designed contemporary fashion for the seekers of both coastal and urban style. Aje clothing is first and foremost a collaborative effort that brings together the business acumen of their CEO Adrian Norris, and the innovative streak of their Creative Director Edwina Forrest. Taking on a very hands-on approach, this powerhouse duo is very involved across all the elements of Aje clothing. While Aje has evolved and expanded, the co-founders still maintain specialized roles- Adrian looks over commercial, retail and finance while Edwina focuses on design, visual and communication segments.

      Adrian and Edwina have been established as true tastemakers in the industry owing to Aje collections.

      Artisanal sensibilities sit at the heart of the design process and form the soul of each collection. Aje is an acronym for ‘Adrian joins Edwina’, pronounced ‘age’. It is aimed at empowering women through beautiful and compelling design. At Aje, the customer is at the heart of the brand and shapes everything that they create. Through their label, Aje clothing wants to offer a platform of self-expression to the quintessential Aje woman. She is an adventurous muse with a confident, strong persona and distinctive style. The Aje muse will always be heard and designer for, no matter where she is around the world.

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      Raw Beauty and Tough Femininity Reign Over Aje Clothing

      Aje clothing’s aesthetic sensibilities are rooted in traditional techniques and craftsmanship. They feature painted prints, natural fabrications and raw-edged finishes forming the soul of each seasonal Aje collection. Prints on Aje clothing are hand painted with a range of techniques including watercolor and acrylic on canvas that are later translated into digital form, as are the embellished pieces, with each sequin sewn carefully by hand. Hand-casted hardware, contrast stitching, logo detailing, intricate beading and tactile finishes are the unique design details that Aje clothing is renowned for.

      With a knack for experimentation, Aje collections explore the sartorial curiosities of the team. Their signature play on volume and proportion blended with a handpicked curation of tailoring and fabrication is meant to honor Aje’s heritage while keeping it relevant for the present and the future. Dominated by bold silhouettes and effortlessly elegant pieces, Aje collections have developed a cult following in Australia and the world.

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      Give your Closet an Upgrade with Aje Dresses: Exclusively Available At Le Mill

      Inspired by the Sunshine Coast lifestyles, Aje dresses are designed to be donned while taking al fresco sips at a trendy restaurant. With deep roots in fine tailoring, Aje dresses are crafted with an opulent edge. Cascading ruffles, balloon sleeves and cut-out details are some of the incorporated elements in signature Aje dresses. Pleat details that sculpt along the body’s curves is another signature element featured in Aje dresses.

      Effortlessly chic, elevated basic styles from Aje are a must have for every fashion forward wardrobe. Aje dresses are designed to be your go-to styles for a feminine look at more formal occasions as well as casual ones. Think breezy silhouettes with diaphanous cuts in luxe fabrication. Romantic full sweep skirts that are fitted at the waist for a flattering fit, make for perfect for date night outfits. Opt for one of their statement pieces in a jewel tone to wear to your next soiree.

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