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      27 products

      Acting as instant facelifts for your home, designer rugs should be your go-to option to spruce up your spaces. With artistic weaves from designers like Vikram Kapoor, Carpet Cellar, Casegoods, Shift Rugs, and more, Le Mill houses a wide array of designer rug options for you to choose from.

      Le Mill’s curation of home products includes designer rugs rooted in traditional crafts and new era design for your living room, bedroom or any other spaces. 

      How can designer rugs add personality to your home?

      Depth and playful illusion turned key elements of decor, harmoniously complementing handcrafted delights for your home— a perfect juxtaposition of shape and colour, of modernity and culture. Designer rugs have the potential to make one reimagine a space with a vibrant canvas beneath your feet.  

      Here are some ways to add personality to your home with designer rugs. 

      Texture Play 

      Play with the texture of contrasting pieces and colors. For example, you could roll out a beautifully woven designer rug that mimics the grain of a surface. This creates an aura of intrigue in a home and adds depth to a space. Opt for designer rugs from Carpet Cellar or Vikram Kapoor to introduce definition to your space. 

      Bold Minimalism 

      If you have a minimalist aesthetic, do away with prints and patterns. Use clean bold patterns with a strong sense of design. Color-blocked designer rugs from Casegoods and Shift Rugs should be your go-to if you’re a stark minimalist. 

      An Accent Piece Makes all the Difference 

      Intricately patterned pieces from Carpet Cellar make for the perfect accent piece. If you want to make a statement, consider designer rugs that are woven with artistic motifs and vivid hues.  

      Feel inspired by any of these aesthetics? Well, then what’s stopping you, bring them home, with the click of a button. Shop for designer rugs online at 

      Shop from our exclusive designer rugs collection 

      Le Mill’s curated edits of designer rugs include architecture-inspired, timeless designs and statement pieces that will catch the eye and serve as conversation starters. Find the right fit for your space with these designer rugs from some of the best labels in the industry.  

      Carpet Cellar’s designer rugs are all about creating art for your floors, where each piece is handwoven using the most luxurious materials. The lack of any frame or border, an original feature, adds a smartly modern touch to their designer rugs. Carpet Cellar’s designer rugs are traditionally made from an ancient Tibetan design repertoire, mingled with decorative traditions. Tibetan or Chinese imagery adds to the decorative potential of the piece. 

      Casegoods is rooted in the Indian tradition of craft while adhering to contemporary living. Locally sourced and spun into yarn, handmade strands from jute are woven into designer rugs by skilled artisans. In collaboration with craft-based communities in southern India, Casegoods have developed a technique of folding, rolling, and dipping these simple designer rugs in natural, plant-based, dyes to achieve bold geometric designs. For their designer rugs, materials such as indigo, pomegranate peels, and madder root that produce rich colors are used. 

      Shift Rugs create contemporary weaves that complement your spaces. Shift Rugs’ designer rugs are tightly woven in jute. They are crafted for your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors. The geometric patterns of Shift Rugs’ designer rugs are composed to compliment the ascents of your home. 

      Handwoven designer rugs from Vikram Kapoor blend together traditional motifs with modern aesthetics to spruce up your spaces. Their knot-by-knot construction gives each designer rug a beautiful textural quality, which enhances its dynamism and visual appeal. Carefully crafted with hand-carded wool, Vikram Kapoor’s finely woven designer rugs are inspired by elements from antique Egyptian and Asian textiles and offer an incredible aesthetic value rare in hand-knotted carpets. 

      Discover designer rugs from Casegoods, Carpet Cellar, Shift Rugs, Vikram Kapoor and many more that are housed at Le Mill. Check out Le Mill’s designer rugs collections online at