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      Tallin Jewels: Jaipur-based brand's aesthetic is led by design & handmade innovation. Explore Tallin's Designer Collection of earrings, necklaces & more at Le Mill.


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      14 products

      Nestled within the royal city of Jaipur, the atelier of Tallin is mentioned in the same breath as opulent handcrafted artistry. Tallin is a fine jewellery house that creates heritage pieces by modernizing traditional techniques. This family-owned label combines delicate Indian handcraft with a contemporary European aesthetic.

      Akshat Ghiya, founder of Tallin, grew up with gemstones embedded in his DNA.

      The Ghiya family has an over 40-year-old history of trading gemstones with international jewellery houses, helmed by Akshat’s father. His mother, an artist and jewellery designer, has a penchant for all things exquisite. Throughout Akshat’s childhood, the Ghiya family split their time living between Jaipur, India and Padua, Italy. This gave Akshat a taste of both modern and traditional living. With a family that is deeply involved in the jewellery business, Akshat Ghiya was well equipped to embark on the traditional jewellery path. But Akshat decided to veer a little further away and combine European aesthetics with his legacy of Indian jewellery crafts.

      In 2016, Akshat Ghiya launched Tallin- a handcrafted jewellery label that crafts handmade fine jewellery, mixing unusual stones and cuts to concoct pieces that are vested in traditional techniques. Amalgamated with contemporary aesthetics, Tallin’s designs are all handmade at their family-owned atelier. They churn out lines of semi-precious and custom made fine jewellery that is crafted with European ideologies.

      Age-old handcrafted techniques that have become the heritage practices of artisans in Jaipur are employed to handcraft Tallin’s pieces. Twenty highly skilled artisans are employed for goldsmithing and stone setting techniques. Their production processes are anything but mainstream. Tallin engages an experimental approach for colour palettes, contrasts and compositions. Iterations are engineered till a balance between aesthetics and utility is struck.

      Tallin’s designer pieces are cut to be ancestral lines that are not just going to be locked away in the vault. Gemstones like amethysts, rubies, emeralds and diamonds are faceted in unusual cuts to create innovative combinations. Akshat along with his mother, designs dainty earrings, statement necklaces and dynamic bracelets for Tallin’s designer collections.

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