5 Books That Will Inspire Your Travel Bucket List This Season

Perhaps it’s the new WFH reality that has instigated a bout of vacation withdrawals, or just the entirety of last year that we all have spent cooped up indoors, but certain books have reclaimed the lost energy, promoting new concepts for a travel bucket list. 

Now that holiday plans have come into sharp focus as the world welcomes back tourists to witness all the picturesque scapes of crystal blue waters and emerald highlands, these published works act as the perfect inspiration to explore your next holiday destination. 

 Tangerine by Christine Mangan 


Meandering through the lanes of Tangier, Morocco, is a twisty and suspenseful tale of two former friends. While the story may revolve around the dynamics of the protagonist and her past, the spice-infused scents and fruit-laden open bazaars provide an honest account of life in Morocco.

Garden By The Sea by Mercè Rodoreda

Written through the eyes of the villa gardener, this book reveals the different lives led by the owners of a summer villa set by the ocean waters of 1920s Catalonia, Spain. Observing house guests and their behaviours, gossip and scandals aside, the gardener provides a peek into the beauty of nature at the Spanish seaside. 

Turn Right at Machu Picchu, by Mark Adams


For the inner adventurer who hasn’t found the true travel experience to embark on, Adams’ journey exploring Peru is essentially Indiana Jones meets Anthony Bourdain in Machu Picchu. Expect hikes, the thrill of discovery, and insight into Peru’s lively culture.

Summer at the Lake by Erica James 


If Lake Como was not on your travel bucket list, this book will make sure to put it on your map. A tour guide finds herself in hard situations between love and loss, but the downs seem less impactful in the lovely European summer. Think quiet afternoon walks and fresh-brewed coffee to be found amidst the stunning views of Como.

Slow Days, Fast Company, The World, The Flesh, And L.A by Eve Babitz 

If there’s one thing writer Eve Babitz is known for, it's her notoriously popular and shocking adventures in L.A. Telling her story of the parties, people, and the glamour that surrounded her Californian life, it almost conjures a hunger to be part of the fast-paced glitzy scene at Sunset Boulevard in 1974 that she talks about. 


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