5 Reasons We're Mad About Magda

Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer

Magda Butrym

A fashion house encouraging us to “all be our own muses”, Magda Butrym brings forward contemporary fashion coalesced with an emphasis on empowering women rather than defining them.

Set apart in the scintillating Magda Butrym, Emma Roberts, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Katrina Kaif, Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Blunt and Michelle Monaghan, amongst many others, have been spotted basking in the sublime spotlight and drifting through the red carpet.

Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer, Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif in Magda Butrym

Blending the past with the future, elegance with effortlessness and strength with sensitivity – Magda Butrym has given us 5 things to stand in awe of.


Vehemently Vintage

Breathing new life into vintage fashion, Magda Butrym re-imagines and transforms the elements and essentials of vintage fashion wear with a modern, contemporary feeling.

Like a waft of fresh air, her take on classics is meticulously metamorphosed into unmatched, unique pieces – all the while shedding light on the originally traditional craft.


Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer

Magda Butrym FW '20


Contrast Creation

Jumbling and juxtaposing different components of fashion such as oversized with fitted, Magda Butrym redefines contrast. Crafting the unlevelled pair of minimalism and sexiness, Magda has a whole lot of unthinkable contrasts coming our way – each of them elevating, uplifting and encouraging for women in a day and age where fashion has made manifold progress and transformation.


Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer, Lily James

Lily James in Magda Butrym


Flawless Feminity

Studying women in detail where each season’s collection is deliberated over with particular historical context and references, the ethos of the brand is defined and characterized by Magda’s intuitive sense of how women wish to express themselves now.

She creates her own take on feminity and molds an intriguingly individualistic identity for women across the globe by expressing her desire for women to feel comfortable in their own skin, powerful, confident and of course, happy.


Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer

Magda Butrym FW '20


Romantic Revelation

One of the things that truly sets Magda Butrym apart is her enthusiasm in celebrating romanticism via fashion aesthetics. Her floral prints, puffed and billowy sleeves, sensational backs and shoulders are all styles that are signatures to the brand – encapsulating its entire spirit.

The onset of every new season induces the recreation of these signature styles, each of them in exhilarating and invigorating new ways.


Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer, Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts in Magda Butrym


The Creation & The Craft

Diving into the depths of untapped eloquence, Magda Butrym aspires to create charming and cherishing pieces for modern women. As luxurious as they are meant to be elevated, she envisions everyday attire that can be shuffled between day and night.

With craftsmanship as the core of the brand, she prides herself in collaborating and working with local and in-house groups of people, to retain the traditional craft and restore and revive the declining art of hand crafted wear.


Magda Butrym, Fashion, Ready to wear, Designer

Magda Butrym FW '20


Magda Butrym has given us a lot to adore, and we’re bringing all those things your way. Think contemporary blended with traditional, redefined feminity and new found romanticism – and you have Magda Butrym, now available at lemillindia.com.