Ceramics from Khanoom Jaipur are handcrafted to make your tableware dreams come true. Shop your favorite Khanoom collection at Le Mill today.

      14 products

      14 products

      As Indians, storytelling is a tradition that is ingrained in our very culture. Khanoom is a luxury tableware label that is rooted in storytelling and celebrates India’s rich heritage of artisanal luxury, with a contemporary spin. Steeped in folklore, Khanoom Jaipur collections seek inspiration from the nostalgic stories of India while adding a modern touch to it.

      Priyamvada Golcha hails from a business family that has been focused on developing clay and particle technology for half a century now. So, when she was introduced to designer and indigenous craftsmanship connoisseur Simone Marks, it was the perfect match to establish Khanoom. The idea behind Khanoom Jaipur collections was clear- to create pottery and tableware that fuse together traditional techniques with a blend of East and West sensibilities for contemporary living. Khanoom was also established to preserve the livelihoods of artisans that practiced the dying craft of pottery. The name Khanoom was christened after the Egyptian god Khnoum who was believed to fashion living beings out of clay on his potter's wheel. 

      Le Mill’s curation of Khanoom Jaipur collection includes designer tableware rooted in traditional crafts and new era design for your tablescapes. Shop the collections at our brick-and-mortar space in Colaba or online at 

      Invest in Urban Ceramics from Khanoom to Spruce up your Tablescapes 

      Ceramics from Khanoom are handcrafted to make your tableware dreams come true. Contemporary organic design married with an Indian artisanal edge- Khanoom Jaipur collection is a homegrown label that engineers a unique range of home and tableware. Each piece produced by Khanoom is handcrafted by local potters and hand-painted, making every piece unique. Khanoom Jaipur collection employs Kaolin clay, sourced from Bikaner, and develops custom glazes. Each piece from Khanoom Jaipur collections is hand-moulded, biscuit-fired, dipped in white glaze and then hand-painted by their co-founder and creative director Simon Marks. Khanoom's glazes are lead-free and non-toxic. 

      Khanoom Jaipur collections revolve around botanical motifs from De Materia Medica encyclopedia on herbal medicine—one of the oldest pharmacological texts dating back to the first century A.D. Melons, Olives, Date Palms, and many more motifs are used to adorn Khanoom’s botanical ceramics. 

      Le Mill houses a curation of exceptional tableware from Khanoom Jaipur collections that are handpicked to fit right into the fashion forward spaces of the contemporary Indian woman. We strive to give you pieces from Khanoom whose value extends far beyond just aesthetics. What you can expect at Le Mill are Khanoom Jaipur collections that are highly sought after and crafted by skilled artisans with the finest of materials. 

      Buy the Latest of Khanoom Jaipur Collection Only at Le Mill 

      There’s nothing like sitting around a beautifully laid dining table with our loved ones, enjoying the company of family and friends while feasting on a delicious meal. But getting hosting-ready is not an easy feat. As we enter the decade of the home, we look to helping you curate a collection of tableware that will help us channel our best outdoor experiences in the great indoors. While festivities in India never stop, preparing for any celebration is made easier with Khanoom Jaipur collection.  

      Attending a feast instead of throwing one, consider appreciating your host with a thoughtful present that she will appreciate for years to come. Hand-painted ceramic plates or goblets from Khanoom Jaipur collection also make for great gifts for the hostess with the mostest in your close circle.  

      Find Khanoom Jaipur collection of handmade ceramic plates and goblets exclusively at Le Mill. Head to our brick-and-mortar space in Colaba or online at to shop Khanoom.