A Day In The Life of Lylah Shaw of Ituvana

The clothes that we put on our backs not only serve a practical purpose, but can also be a form of self expression. Having worked at fashion labels and attended film school in the heart of New York City, Lylah Shaw envisioned a place where she could combine her love for film and the belief that fashion can be a reflection of one’s sense of self, tell a story and also inspire change. This is how Ituvana - her 2-year old label - was born.

Crafted in limited numbers every season, each Ituvana piece tells a story. The free flowing designs and clever cuts take inspiration from Indian and Indonesian traditions, giving wearers statement pieces that can be worn time and again.

“I find joy in acknowledging my multidimensional personality and varied interests. I aspire to continue exploring, creating, sharing my experience, and strong sensibilities through my work,” she shares.

We sat down with the style maven to get a peek into her every day and creative process.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

It keeps changing, but I am a morning person as of late!

How do you kickstart your day?

On good days, I meditate followed by a session of horseback riding or pilates.

Describe your workout regime.

I alternate between yoga, pilates and weight training - although I much prefer doing adventure based workouts whenever possible.

Do you prefer working from home or the studio? 

Neither! I prefer working while traveling because that's when I'm most inspired. 


What’s a typical work day like?

I usually spend the first half of my day at the workshop working closely with my team, and the other half creating, designing or finding inspiration. I’m most creative at night. 

Where do you look for inspiration?

Within and around me. I like to trust my intuition and go with the flow.

What’s your mantra for Ituvana? Tell us a bit about your design process. 

I create what I like and would see the highest version of myself wearing. I often ask my mother for feedback while sampling as we have a similar sense of style. Our different body types make Ituvana’s silhouettes inclusive and versatile.

Which part of the creative process do you enjoy the most?

My favourite part undoubtedly is Ituvana’s campaign shoots because that's where I get to express myself the most. I always try to give each campaign an encouraging message. 


When you're not working, you like to…

Dance, explore, and indulge in theater lessons.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I like being comfortable but also enjoy taking risks. Ituvana’s free flowing, creative cuts elevate its otherwise laidback silhouettes.

Who are your style icons?

My parents.

What does your skincare routine look like?

My main approach is to take care of my skin with natural oils. I swear by Vintner's Daughter’s Botanical Serum.

What are the three things you always have on you every time you step out of the house?

My rings, a lipstick and a notebook.


Describe a typical weekend.

My ideal weekend is being outdoors with my friends and family. I call myself an “extroverted introvert”, I can be a total loner but I also enjoy going dancing and meeting new people.

What is a quote, affirmation, or piece of advice that has stayed with you?

“What would love do now?"


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