A Moment for the Lips

 Beauty’s new obsession is sealed with a (perfect) kiss.

A ‘lip flip’ is more ubiquitous in modern culture than it has ever been. Botox / injectibles/ non-surgical methods to achieve the perfect lip contour, shape and volume is how the late aughts will be remembered in beauty history. The ‘90s belonged to the brows, the ‘20s were all about the hair, and the late 2000’s are all about the perfect lip. You only have to look at the boom in the lip category for proof — Hailey Bieber alone revolutionized the lip gloss to cult status with Rhode. Gloss became the gold standard for the perfect Instagram feed. Not only was it sitting on your work desk next to a cup of coffee, it was in your YSL purse on a night out, heck, it was even on your phone case.

“Lips were always important,” says skin educator and dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth, MD. “Now though, people are focused on wanting to achieve fuller-looking lips without surgery.” As a result, lip care which was often excluded from skincare routines, is now the preoccupation of brands and buyers alike. Think lip masks, oils, gloss, the hybrid of both, hydrating lipsticks, and everything in between, all for the perfect pout.

While Dr Panth says that technology has made it possible to attain the illusion of fuller lips without injections, none of the non-invasive methods can give you the same volume and definition as those of a lip filler. Sigh.

Don’t give up just yet though. If needles are not your friend just yet, we suggest following the non-invasive approaches that might give you the desired result you’re looking for, minus the prick. You’re welcome.

Topical Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment

Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in lip fillers; however, well-established research illustrates that applying hyaluronic acid topically can also help achieve similar results. Naturally, hyaluronic acid has a tendency to lock in moisture, promising to nourish and protect. This extra hydration aids in giving your lips a fuller and plumper look. Take Dior's Lip Maximizer Serum or Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid + Peptide Lip Booster, for example. They use hyaluronic acid, peptides, and squalene to give your lips that juicy, hydrated, and cool sensation.

Microcurrent Lip Therapy and Radiofrequency Treatments

Microcurrent therapy is a popular non-invasive method to slow down the aging process. This treatment uses a low-intensity electric current to stimulate muscle activity and increase collagen production. In contrast, radiofrequency treatments utilize an electromagnetic device to boost collagen and improve elasticity. Both methods result in firm, well-defined, and contoured lips.

LED Light Lip Therapy

LED light lip therapy helps boost collagen and reduce fine lines in and around the lips. Our lips change with age; they lose volume and hydration and become flatter, explains Dr. Panth. In this treatment, the emitted red and infrared light signals the cells to grow, restoring collagen and elastin, two ingredients that lead to a smooth, plump, and firm appearance of the lips. “The results can be subtle but get better with more maintenance treatments,” she confesses.

A Hydrafacial Lip Perk Treatment

An immersive hydrafacial treatment is the key to clear, radiant, and hydrated skin, but did you know that hydrafacial has an add-on service for plump lips? “The hydrafacial lip perk treatment involves lip exfoliation and hydration. The first step consists of the physical removal of dead cells, followed by a hydration procedure that involves using lip moisturising agents like peony extracts, peppermint oil, and vitamin C to lock in moisture and give a naturally plump effect,” explains Dr. Panth. The results are often short-term, but a take-home serum is available to help it last.

Lip masks and sunscreens

Lip health and lip care have become a prime focus today, but if you’re looking to start small, a simple fragrance-free lip balm with SPF is enough, confesses Dr. Panth. Perhaps if you want to indulge in a few feel-good products, then a lip sleeping mask should be next on your list. There’s a reason Laneige’s lip sleeping mask has a cult following, and we believe it’s not just Sydney Sweeney.