All of the Lights

How to do one of the best trips of a lifetime right

If you haven’t heard yet, you can thank us for this PSA. The Northern Lights are going to be brighter and bigger than they have been in the last decade. Take this as a sign to get your co-passengers and their calendars in order because missing this glorious expression of nature is not an option. It is commonly known that the best times to watch the Aurora Borealis is between October and April when the Spring Equinox occurs. You can experience the lights from the coast of Norway, most places in Iceland, Fairbanks Alaska and Finland. While the geomagnetic storms that cause the Aurora Borealis sightings to occur can happen any time, your best bet is to catch them at night. It is said that when the lights show off their brilliance, they can outshine the moon.

Freezing temperatures are a given so make sure you pack for the times ahead. It’s like they say, “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” However nothing beats chasing the lights and coming back to a warm luxurious room to sleep off the adventure. We’ve handpicked some of the best places to book in advance to have the trip of your life.

Luxury cruise

Combine the coolness of staying abroad a ship whilst witnessing the Aurora Borealis in the most stunning seascape. Find yourselves aboard Cunard’s Queen Anne for the special Northern Lights cruise that takes you through Norwegian Fjords. The all inclusive experience complete with wellness centre and bars is indeed one of the best ways to experience the lights. You also get a chance to visit some of the Northern most towns in the world through this experience including Alesund, Narvik, and Stavanger.

By a national park

Where better to witness a miracle of nature than at a national park? Head to Sweden’s Abisko park and book a stay at the Ringstad Resort. Choose between ocean facing suites and cabins to experience the power of stillness. The resort organises special packages for visitors to experience the Arctic light and photograph the northern lights so be sure to call up in advance and plan to maximise your trip. After all, what’s a trip up north without gorgeous pictures?

From above the Arctic Circle

You will be gasping at just how far you’ve made the trek from home when you finally land in Lapland. If you love Christmas then you can have the best one ever at the place where the concept of Santa Claus originated from. Stay at the stunning Arctra Lodge to experience winter with a touch of adventure. Try ice dipping (Hello Wim Hoff!), snowmobiles and private guided tours of the lights. It doesn’t get more magical than this.

By a glacier

Nestled by the Ruth Glacier is the Sheldon Chalet which highlights Denali’s stunning beauty. From private chefs to experiencing the glacier from within, this is the place to hit for a consummate experience of the north. The lights are just a very big add on. Did we mention this place comes with saunas?