Art as Healing and Humour from a Collector’s Perspective

Disclaimer: This write up is purely fictional and a figment of my imagination. It is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone living or dead. 

Quarantine. Social Distancing. Social isolation. Work from home. All trending words and phrases these days. Welcome to the new normal in the life and times of COVID-19.

We are in lockdown mode at home and people interested in art and design are prepared with some curfew essentials, namely:

The 58th Venice Biennale anticipated our ‘Living in Interesting Times’. Interesting times took a whole new meaning for Indian art enthusiasts, confronted with their art 24/7. Some observations:

 Art gives us a reality check. It helps us practice gratitude. It gives us new perspectives and sets new contexts. But like most things we tend to take the art on our walls for granted. When was the last time we interacted with our Art post their acquisition? This quarantine has forced us to interact with art more than we have thus far. Lets take a closer look:

Atul Dodiya, Art, Healing, Humour

Revisit the heavy Husain impasto, rearrange the flowers in that Rina Minardi vase. Art is a reflection of your journey. Art is a passion. Art is a hobby. So at this time of self-isolation Art is one of your best friends. It is meant to be enjoyed, interacted with and re-discovered. Galleries are closed but online viewing rooms and PDFs are open. Remember, “We Live In Interesting Times” so… keep shopping! You never know what room you are isolated in.