#VocalForLocal: Artisanal Coffee Brands In India To Try Now 

If there’s one thing that gets us through the day, its coffee.

The growing coffee culture in India has brought entrepreneurs together to create artisanal coffee brands, focusing on innovation and exploration of various flavor profiles. 

The time has never been better for coffee enthusiasts who love trying different brews and tracing the beans’ origin to their respective coffee estates. 

Here’s our curation of home-grown artisanal coffee brands around India that are gaining a loyal bunch of avid coffee drinkers…



Founded by Varun Gupta, an accredited barista who has worked at a solar roasting coffee company in Peru, Nangoo is a Mumbai-based roastery focused on specialty coffee. Sourced from a variety of regions across India, Nangoo advocates ethical practices ensuring their farm partners’ well-being throughout the supply chain. 

You can even fill out their enquiry form if you want a personalized coffee experience.

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Three generations of coffee growers later, Nandan was born from the mutual adoration for an exceptional cup of coffee by sisters Yahvi and Parthivi Mariwala. Based on the principle of protecting the environment, Nandan’s beans are hand-picked and processed using only harvested rain water, ensuring no plants or animals are harmed during the process. Grown at the Nandanvan Estate in South India, this single-origin coffee has seven blends to choose from, depending on your preference of brew. 

They also have a coffee subscription to make sure you never run out of your favourite blend!

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Earth Roastery

A journey that began in Kuwait, founder Ali Al-Fahad began experimenting with roasting techniques and blends at home. With a vision of tying people, cultures and countries together, Earth Roastery’s beans are fair trade and organic, using only sustainable growing practices. Their blends are from different estates in India as well as various regions in Ethiopia.

We’re definitely trying the ‘Salawara Anaerobic Fermented” with notes of caramel éclair, dark cacao and black plum.

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The Flying Squirrel

The Flying Squirrel is founded by third generation farmer, Tej Thammaiah who closely monitors the bean’s journey every step of the way till it reaches the roastery in Bangalore. With cross cropping at the forefront of their brand story, the beans are grown on their own estates in Coorg, in the midst of citrus patches, vanilla plantations, spice patches, heavily shaded areas or forested areas. This provides a large selection of flavors to develop from.

On our list: the ‘Deep Bliss’ blend, designed in the labs of the India Coffee Board.

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Set out to change the coffee scene in India, founders Rizwan Amlani and Nitu Pohoomul created Dope with the vision of providing coffee enthusiasts with flavorful beans but only delivered if roasted fresh. Dope has four categories of beans to choose from; Single Estate & Origin, Blends, Indian Specialty and Limited Edition. 

They even have a coffee subscription with a ‘surprise me’ option if you’re in the mood to experiment!

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Drawing experience from Merida, a city three hours from Tulum, Mexico, Pallav Haria founded Tulum Coffee inspired by her travels. Based in Mumbai, Tulum focuses on carefully sourced single-origin Arabica beans, with four different roasts to choose from. 

On our must-try list, the sangria-like brew from Aldur, Karnataka, a light-medium roast with fruity and floral flavors. 

Don’t miss their reusable packaging made of canvas.

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