Artist Namrata Kumar Recommends 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow to Cure Your Creative Block

While it can be quite hard to find something fresh that sparks your interest and gets your artistic gears moving, doom-scrolling blindly on Instagram might not be the answer. Art has always been a primary source of inspiration, because everything around us is a form of art. Artist Namrata Kumar’s  ( works are deeply inspired by nature, people and just daily musings. So, we asked her who all from her following list caught her eye.

Namrata Kumar shares five amazing Instagram handles to breathe some artistic flair into your feed.

Studio MagGa (@studio_magga)

Studio MagGa’s curation of work related to architecture, crafts, and interiors is what caught Namrata's attention. They are an architectural firm whose designs really strike a balance between Indian and contemporary craftsmanship.

Ted-Ed Animation (@tededanimation)

A visually rich feed of animation by different artists on various topics of discussion. You can see different animation styles and learn something while you’re at it.

Cosmos (@cosmos)

In front of Cosmos, Pinterest seems to be old news. Their feed is a visual treat with arresting images that are sure to grab your attention. They’re launching their app soon and your mood boards are going to go a notch above.

Alexander Gorlizki (@magicmarkings_indiandrawings

Going back in time always helps with creative blocks. Alexander’s page is basically a collection of Indian cosmological drawings from the 18th century. Scrolling through this page feels like flipping through pages of the past.

Slow Roads (@slow_roads)

Slow Roads is a brand that promotes sustainability. Their aesthetic shows us moments caught in time that are simply soothing along with their earthy colour palette. Their Instagram gives us a peek into what slow living could look like.