Celebrity Book Clubs We Stan

Celebrities–they’re just like us. Right? Right! While there’s plenty of conversation on which co-stars from your favourite sitcom are dating and who has a new designer line coming up, we tend to think of celebrities as people who constantly churn out entertainment or products. Between idolising their public work and critiquing their life choices, we forget that they have perfectly normal hobbies just like us. It’s even natural that they may want to switch off from their screens and delve a little deeper into reading. We round up some of our favourite celebrity accounts to follow for the knowledge they share.

Dua Lipa

To be clear, Dua Lipa does a lot more than just recommend books. She runs Service 95 (@service95) a full fledged content platform complete with a podcast. You can subscribe to have newsletters sent to your inbox or just browse the website. Lipa selects writing from across the world, so don’t be surprised to find your favourite local author here. Service 95 goes in a layer deeper offering stories that detail out the chosen books, their importance and context. You can often find snippets of conversations Lipa has with the authors making you really want to try reading a book you otherwise would not have. What’s more, there are videos by authors for aspiring writers. Dua Lipa can be queen for all we care–there’s nothing she can’t do right.

Celebrity Book Clubs: Dua Lipa

Reese Witherspoon

Legally Blonde, Walk The Line or Big Little Liars–Reese Witherspoon is one of those actors who is so gifted, she can get into just about any character with great ease and conviction. Over time Witherspoon has also added producer to her list of accolades. Her book club, which has its own identity on Instagram offers a more thematic guide to reading. Looking for books that were adapted into screenplays? Books with crazy plot twist? This club has you covered. Reese’s Book Club (@reesesbookclub) often has screenwriters and actors sharing their insights on writing. It also has one of the most engaged comments section.

Celebrity Book Clubs: Reese Witherspoon


The Goop Book Club by extension of the founder, can be credited to Gwyneth Paltrow. Candles to Netflix, vibrators to facial oils–anything Paltrow touches with her Goop touch turns into internet gold. Why would her book club recommendations be any different? If you are old school, you can join the club on Facebook for chatting with readers around the world. For a less invasive approach, simply look up the book of choice on their website (The Goop Book Club). Chances are, you won’t be disappointed.

Celebrity Book Clubs: Goop