Chloé Chartering New Heights

Chloé proves how luxury fashion and sustainability can coexist.

Following the legacy of their founder, Gaby Aghion, Chloé’s commitment to uplift women, rebalance gender-based inequalities, and promote inclusivity is prioritized alongside doing their part in contributing to creating a sustainable planet.

Chloé, Gabi Aghion

Fashion, at its best, reflects and influences society. This is the power of fashion. It has always captured the cultural currency, so to speak — a period of time is forever reflected in its fashion. The Covid-19 pandemic was an intense period for everyone. This is when Chloé had to reflect on the choices behind their aesthetic, as aesthetics has always driven Chloé’s fashion. But the pandemic was a turning point that made the brand realize that values were just as important as their aesthetic.

Appointing Gabriella Hearst as Creative Director

Chartering New Heights, Chloé

Known for making a name for herself as a thoughtful designer concerned with making beautiful garments but not at the expense of our planet, Gabriella Hearst joined Chloé as the brand had an aesthetic that she understood. With Chloé, Hearst has created collections that have a lower impact on the planet. She has eliminated polyester and viscose, reused denim and repurposed vintage bags as materials in her collections. Since her appointment, Chloé has reduced their carbon emissions and is working towards reducing their water consumption as well. While also heading her eponymous label, Hearst has brought significant and positive change within Chloé. Gabriella Hearst has also paved the way for the brand to work with artisans from around the world. Her collections tap into various cultures showcasing art from the likes of Silaiwali and Rithika Merchant (both of Indian origin).

Chloé, Silaiwali

B Corp Certification

chloé, B corp certification

When developing a plan for the company’s future, the brand looked inward and formulated what is now known as their Pillars of Engagement, which helps them hold themselves accountable. They believe in fair and equal opportunities for people, responsible sourcing of materials and how they can positively impact communities and in turn the planet. This is when B Corp came into the picture as they knew holding themselves accountable would spearhead them towards their vision and make them a better company. Being B Corp goes beyond being a company that embraces sustainability but rather being a company that believes that the power of a business can contribute positively to the world.

Chloé Vertical

Chloé, Vertical Resale

With the house’s Spring/Summer ‘23 collection, Chloé has rolled out the new Chloe Vertical featuring digital IDs that open up access to product and material information, repair assistance, and resale options. With this the brand stays true to their aim of making themselves accountable in the public eye. Which marks an industry first for fashion resale, allowing for unparalleled transparency and access. As the brand builds up this line, it is a step towards their larger goal of being a sustainable fashion house, something that is almost always lost in translation in the industry.

Chloé, Vertical Resale

While Chloé is aware change does not happen overnight, and that change takes many forms, they are continually taking steps dedicated to this journey. The brand is ever-ready to act for a fairer and more sustainable future together as they aim to increase their fair-trade sourcing and lower-impact materials used in collections significantly by the year 2025 and by the looks of it? They just might!

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