Christmas and NYE Feasting Cheats to Help You Feel Your Best 

The truth is, when the year is ending and celebrations start, nobody wants to hear the words diet and exercise. With Christmas and New Year close by, parties and dinners will become more frequent, and there is never a better time to celebrate. At the same time, our priorities go from loungewear and clean eating to mini dresses in freezing weather and consuming fat-saturated hors d'oeuvres. So, we found the best hacks to overcome these hurdles to indulge yourself guilt-free so that you can feast your heart out and wear that dress feeling your best self.

Prep before party 

It’s the ideal time to introduce certain healthy habits so that your system can recoup quickly and has you going steady with your overall health and skin throughout the festive season. Invest in detox teas that have infusions of elements helping immunity and bloating. Think basil, ginger and lemon, lemongrass, as your top choices. Having hot lemon water in the morning every day will also help boost your immunity and keep you feeling full for longer. If you’re not taking any supplements, now is the time to amp up your nutrition with vitamins to recharge.


Feast cheat codes you’ll need

Abstinence from all the delicious treats available during this festive celebration time is admittedly not the easiest, and it also kills the fun. We all want to have a good time, and the simplest way to enjoy your meal and touch upon all your parties is to make smart choices at the table. Choose cream instead of custard, drinks like light spritzers or white wine instead of heavier cocktails or eggnog that contain more sugar, lean meats like turkey are also a great option in place of fattier meats. Portion control is the best exercise that allows you to try everything while doing less damage to your fitness goals and skin health. 

Post feasting detox

Keeping hydrated throughout the day is an important factor to maintain your skin and avoid bloating after heavy. You can also try introducing a salad or an assortment of lots of greens and light seafood for your next meal after heavy party food, which will help flush out the grease from the system. Juices and soups will also help the gut digest things easier. 

The ultimate hangover cures

According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, alcohol causes dehydration which leads to the primary symptoms of an incoming hangover. The best way to avoid that is to be hydrated, keep switching between water and alcohol at parties. Eating carbs also help in absorbing alcohol, as drinks cause blood sugar to drop and eating carbohydrates can balance out the effect. Another study conducted by The Journal of Clinical Medicine mentions that people who had zinc and vitamin B supplements or meal elements had less severe hangovers.