Digitally Ayurvedic: A Recap of Le Mill’s curations for Holistic Wellness

Scrolling all day, our Instagram feeds are barraged with self-care rituals- some for the body, some for our mind, some to relax both. Indian heritage possesses what is probably the oldest and most sought after self-care ritual- Ayurveda.

Holistic wellness is the crucible to surviving the tough times that we are collectively facing. Whether you wish to overhaul your lifestyle or create small pockets of relaxation, we have you covered.

Le Mill rounded up some of the best that Yoga and Ayurveda have to offer, to spread the word on traditional practices that are deeply rooted in science. We celebrated all things Ayurveda all throughout the month of May on Instagram Live. Here is a recap of all the informative content that we recommend you to follow for holistic wellness in case you missed it:


Sova Care’s founder Vasu Gandhi turned to the Ayurvedic lifestyle 5 years ago and has not looked back since. An expert on this scientific practice, Vasu takes us through her journey to wellness while debunking myths along the way.


Myra Khanna is one half of yoga practitioner duo Am With PM. While yoga is largely only looked at as a remedial measure, Myra explains the preventive benefits of practicing yoga. Through this video she explains the process of harmonizing your breathing with the body to avoid physical injury, mental upheaval and emotional turmoil.


New York based Yoga guru to the stars, Eddie Stern leads a mindful meditation that is meant to relieve anxiety and have a calming effect on one’s mind and body.


Nidhi Pandya is a 3rd generation Ayurveda Practitioner and wellness consultant. Along with Vasu Gandhi, these two Ayurveda enthusiasts introduce us to methods of inculcating the Circadian rhythm into our daily lives. This is a practice that will prepare us to maintain a regular sleep cycle and fight anxiety.


Pratik Rajani of Am With PM, guides us through Brahmari Pranayama, a breathing ritual that produces sonic vibrations. These vibrations are optimal to feel more grounded, internalised and calm.


Between the unsettling nature of the current times and coping with the WFH culture, peace and calm can be very difficult to come by. Yoga Guru Eddie Stern’s 10-minute meditation is exactly what you need to tap into a relaxed and rhythmic state of mind.


Crucial to the current scenario, Am With PM’s Myrah Khanna demonstrates deep breaths and kriya practices that will help you kick start your day on a mindful note.