Nomada - Inspired by nature and travel, Nomada houses a range of accessories & bags that are hand-embroidered to create unique pieces of luxury designer bags.

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      10 products

      Nomada is a Mumbai-based accessories label that fuses together various cultures, traditions and elements of folklore. They craft versatile designs that are perfect if you have a keen eye for detail. An environmentally and socially conscious label, Nomada picks indigenous traditional techniques and contemporizes them to fit right into the modern woman’s wardrobe.

      Launched by Sana Shakoor and Divya Batra Rashul, Nomada capsule collections came into being in 2014. 

      Sana and Divya met at fashion school in Mumbai and instantaneously hit it off. They even went ahead to London together to study further. After solidifying their fashion backgrounds, Sana and Divya worked at different places for a while. However, it was their friendship and shared love for all things fashion that brought them together once again and Nomada was incepted. 

      Nomada collections online derive inspiration from travel and the enriching experiences one derives from them, being amidst different cultures. Based on which, the brand is called Nomada- a direct derivation from the word ‘Nomad’. Exploration for the founders of Nomada collections online is not just restricted to travel, it is translated within their line of embroidered accessories too. Their designs are a mix of high-quality raw materials, indigenous crafts, contemporary sensibilities and experimental style.  

      Find contemporary collections of Nomada capsule accessories collections online at Le Mill. You can expect a line of bohemian styles that channel a whimsical but chic edge on Le Mill’s online store- This range of Nomada collections online is carefully curated to fit the needs of the modern Indian woman. 

      Consciously, Yours- Nomada Gives Back to the Community 

      Nomada collections online employ artisans from the vast pool of traditional craftsmanship available in our country. They use hand embroiderers with a keen eye for detail to create unique surface textures that are trending but still retain an Indian sensibility. Nomada capsule collections are socially conscious and believe in giving back to the artisan communities. As a women-led organization, Nomada believes in supporting the financial empowerment of other women. They work with groups of under privileged women to empower them with tools and skills. Nomada donates sewing machines, hosts embroidery workshops and teaches basic stitching skills to these women. The same women are also employed in creating the packaging and dust bags for Nomada capsule collections. 

      To support Nomada in their endeavor to empowering the artisans and women of India, shop Nomada collections online. 

      Bohemian with a Touch of Contemporary- Shop Nomada Collections Online at Le Mill 

      Finding the perfect accessories from Nomada capsule- one that fits perfectly within your wardrobe, looks good and is comfortable to carry around, now made easy with Le Mill’s curations of Nomada collections online. Each piece has unmissable characteristics to it, whether it be a striking design, an iconic silhouette or a distinctive motif. Inspired by nature and travel, Nomada houses a range of accessories that are hand embroidered to create unique pieces. Statement clutches and sling bags from Nomada capsules feature beadwork, embroidered flora and fauna and embellishments.  

      An absolute favorite amongst the fashion set is the Talisman Belt Bag- featuring a unique evil eye motif. The Talisman Belt Bag by Nomada collections online is crafted from a handwoven jute and dyed in vivid hues. It features a graphic hand embroidered evil eye design patch in raffia and intricate bead work at the front. This playful mini bag from Nomada capsule comes with a detachable and adjustable belt to sling it over the shoulder. Amp up a casual outfit or add a touch of unique to more formal looks with Nomada's Talisman Belt Bag. 

      Deriving inspiration from travel and it’s enriching experiences, Nomada capsule collections will help you fit right in amidst a picturesque island. A must have in your holiday checklist, the Totec Clutch by Nomada is a beachy arm candy. It is crafted from a handwoven raffia and jute in pink. This clutch from Nomada collections online is embellished with shells and pearls. It features a top zipper closure with a tassel. Accessorize an all-white outfit to make a boho-chic statement with this Nomada clutch. 

      To shop the latest arrivals from Nomada collections online, head to Le Mill’s brick-and-mortar store in Colaba or browse online at