5 Evergreen Fall Trends

While we progress from the monotonous 2020 to a hopeful 2021, we’ve carefully curated a list of five fall fashion trends show cased over the past few years that have remained timeless, and are bringing them back to centre stage.

We’ve been rummaging through runway looks of each of these classic trends, so you can rummage through your wardrobe for what must remain and what must be added.



Fall, Trends, Winter, Leather

2012                              2018                            2020

Draping the skin unlike any other fabric, leather has remained an incessant favourite. From grunge shades to brighter ones, leather is usually an understated option for the cool winters but has been a part of the fall/winter season for decades. With a hint of luster and unending sleekness, this fall calls for a leather kind of love.

Jumpsuits in conventional brown and unconventional tints with an all leather belt and buckle, crisp and eloquent dresses draping your body and cascading in a rare flow – there’s so much leather has to offer!

Fall, Trends, Winter, Dries Van Noten, Jonathan Simkhai, Alexandre Vauthier

Skirt: Dries Van Noten, Dress: Jonathan Simkhai, Shorts: Alexandre Vauthier

Shop these breezy and brazen leather bermudas by Alexandre Vauthier, style this midi skirt from Dries Van Noten with something spunky or subtle or go all out in leather with this Vegan Leather Dress by Jonathan Simkhai.



Fall, Trends, Winter, Velvet

2009                            2016                              2020

Glossy and graceful, velvet is all about its sheen and shimmer. Keeping you snug for the fall and standing out in a crowd, you can’t go wrong with velvet. From low cut crimson jumpsuits, maroon dresses with fringing ruffles, and classy takes on pajamas, we’re taking you on a majestic journey of velvet with our selected ready-to-wear collection.

Fall, Trends, Winter, Dries Van Noten, Zimmermann

Trousers: Dries Van Noten, Dress: Zimmermann, Skirt: Dries Van Noten

Based in velvet but embellished in sequins, shop this sequined velvet skirt by Dries Van Noten to add a sparkle to your night. Puffy shoulders never looked better in velvet than this mystic dress by Zimmermann. Refine your mood with these velvet trousers and team it with the matching jacket for a more versatile look by Dries Van Noten.



Fall, Trends, Winter, Lace

2007                              2013                            2020

Intricate and intriguing, lace invokes the essence of feminism. Used either entirely or as a fringing ornament, lace weaves together fragility in a look. With its stunning simplicity, lace is a trend that's going nowhere.

Fall, Trends, Winter, Zimmermann, Saint Laurent, Jonathan Simkhai

Lace Collar Dress: Zimmermann, Black Lace Dress: Saint Laurent, Floral Lace Dress: Jonathan Simkhai

 Bring back the dainty and the dauntless with these lace dresses to ensure you’re well formulated this fall! Shop the lace dress from Saint Laurent and pair it with slingback stilettos; revere the finer things in life with the Jonathan Simkhai floral lace dress or embrace the Victorian times with this ruffle collared dress by Zimmermann.



Fall, Trends, Winter, Volume

2012                             2017                             2020

Vehemently voluminous – a fashion trend that dates back to over a decade and remains everlasting in its oneness. From puffed shoulders and balloon skirts, billowing sleeves and exaggerated and generously voluminous coats and jackets, veer toward voluminous wear this fall.

Fall, Trends, Winter, Dries Van Noten, Silvia Tcherassi, Kika Vargas

Brocade Dress: Dries Van Noten, Shrug: Silvia Tcherassi, Textured Dress: Kika Vargas 

Crafted in a blooming brocade, shop this brocade dress with puffed sleeves by Dries Van Noten. Perfect to add to your LBD collection, don this textured dress by Kika Vargas. Amp up whatever you’re wearing with this shrug by Silvia Tcherassi.



Fall, Trends, Winter, Metallic

2010                               2017                          2019

The beauty of metallic outfits only seems to have gotten more lustrous over the years. Think shiny blazers, polished trousers and glossy suits. Be your own knight in shining armour with some of these stand out pieces from our ready-to-wear selection!

Fall, Trends, Winter, Halpern, Saint Laurent, Jonathan Simkhai

Gown: Halpern, Pants: Saint Laurent, Dress: Jonathan Simkhai

Set in silk and viscose fabric, shop these high waist lamé pants by Saint Laurent. Wrapped in a metallic striped knit with puffed sleeves, this wrap dress by Jonathan Simkhai is all you need to steal gazes for your next outing. Simply scintillating, this gold tiered dress by Halpern is just a must have.

A meticulous metamorphosis over the years, these fall/winter trends have only accentuated fashion inspirations. From making a spiffing statement to turning heads, these trends are here to stay. In an attempt to bring them back into sharper focus, we scoured through our ready-to-wear collection to emphasize on these five trends that have remained. We got cracking, so you can get shopping at lemillindia.com.