Food for Your Face: Skinfluencer Tips

The recipe to glowing skin lies in our kitchen and everyday ingredients are the unsung shining-skin heroes. From green juices to DIY face packs or a simple tweak in eating habits, certain foods are guaranteed to up your beauty game.  

The missing ingredient (pun intended) to gleaming skin could really just be lying in your pantry and you wouldn’t even know it.  

We’re on a quest to find the best foods that are guaranteed to up your skincare routine a notch, au naturale, and we’ve found just the right people to help us.  

Instagram Skinfluencers weigh in on their favorite tips and tricks using at-home ingredients.  

Sejal Goyal 

Meet Sejal Goyal, co-founder of a personalized skincare brand Suhi & Sego and the creator of, a page to share her grandmother’s testified DIYs. 

“I start my mornings with warm water, with a little bit of lime and turmeric. It kick-starts hydration for the day, helps with daily bowel movements, and its easy on your stomach,” says Sejal on her everyday morning routine.  

Speaking of morning routines, who would have thought breakfast could be used on our faces?  Sejal shares with us, the recipe of a DIY Oat Scrub that is incredibly soothing for the skin.  

This scrub will very gently slough away dead skin and help treat dehydrated, itchy skin (winter skin). It has antibacterial properties that provide relief to any redness/rashes. Also, the combination of oats, banana and honey will naturally brighten your skin!” she says.  

1/2 cup oats (soak for 5 minutes and blend. Add water for consistency) 
1/3rd of a banana (mashed up) 
1 tbsp honey 
Check out this video for further details on how to apply it: 

 Snehal Kotak

With all that health-talk, we can’t help but admit that we’re not always on-point with our nutrition. 

Skincare is as much internal as it is external. We all have such busy lifestyles making it impossible to constantly be healthy. Unhealthy eating pattern goes hand in hand with break outs,” says Snehal Kotak, founder of @the.skincare blog, an account focusing on skincare and beauty. 

For the days you have one too many glasses of wine or decided to have a complete weekend binge, there’s always a solution… 

Snehal shared one of her favorite tips for when you need a detox pronto.  

“I love a good green juice every day that helps balance, detoxify and cleanse our system.  

My go to recipe is: 
English cucumber 
Mint leaves 
Lime juice  
Pink salt 

It’s so easy to make and the end result is yum and so healthy for our body. It also gives my skin a beautiful healthy glow.” 
Skin health is directly related to the food we consume and more often than not, small tweaks in everyday eating result in impactful changes.  
Ria Biyani

Ria Biyani, creator of @rithink_skin is a big believer in taking care of your skin from the inside out and having a healthy balanced diet to look and feel your best. 

Our skin is like a car, with wheels that make it move. Food is one of those important wheels. If it’s shaky or loose, the car won’t work properly. So a healthy balanced diet is essential for optimum skin health and for that lit from within glow,” she says. 

Ria also shared some pantry pro-tips with us, here’s her list: 

Carrots: “They’re rich in beta carotene, which converts into Vitamin A to help repair and heal the skin” 

Tomatoes: “They’re loaded with Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, great for collagen synthesis” 

Olive Oil: “I love cooking in olive oil, because it's delicious and the Vitamin E helps nourish the skin and allows other nutrients to absorb better” 

 Avocados: “Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and vitamins that keep my skin hydrated, conditioned and plump” 

Blueberries: “Blueberries are an antioxidant powerhouse that protect & support skin health 

Here’s a little tip - freeze your blueberries, they taste like candy!”