#LeMillRecommends: Favourite Shows To Binge Watch Just For The Fashion

Because watching a bunch of well dressed characters bring the house down is better than anything else.

OTT platforms have taken over the average screen addicts attention from films. Limited series have better developed side characters, can be watched without a long commitment of hours and frankly have juicier plot lines. Obviously, we are spending more time moodboarding looks from shows than we are with anything else. And to be honest, we are willing to endure some slow-moving ones just for the fashion. Here’s a quick look at the shows we are obsessing over.

The White Lotus

Four Of Our Favourite Shows To Binge Watch Just For The Fashion, The White Lotus

This dark comedy chronicles the lives of the absurdly rich on vacation–cue designer swimwear, sassy dialogues and anxiety inducing soundtracks. Aubrey Plaza’s plunge neck black bathing suit racked up thousands of Google searches while Sydney Sweeney’s threateningly saccharine looks warrant inquiry into nailing Gen-Z style. Straw hats, excessive jewellery, totes, espadrilles–this show is a paradise for the vacation hungry.


Four Of Our Favourite Shows To Binge Watch Just For The Fashion, Loot

Maya Ruldoph’s Molly Novak is the recently divorced wife of a tech billionaire. Left with a hefty settlement, a strive for purpose and just way too much time on her hands, Molly takes on running her own charitable outfit. Between several faux pas and private jet rides is a woman coming into her own in full designer regalia. What’s interesting is to see how mature styling for workwear can evolve far beyond grey pantsuits in this show. We are talking in-season Gucci, Taller Marmo, Alexander McQueen, La DoubleJ, Halston and much more.

The Crown

Four Of Our Favourite Shows To Binge Watch Just For The Fashion, The Crown

Every single frame of The Crown warrants deep observation. From the serving of tea to dinner table conversation topics, the gripping retelling of the Queen’s reign will have the deepest of cynics stuck by the screen for hours on end. The latest season of the show captures the terrible and deeply public split of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Despite how familiar you may be with Lady Diana’s revenge wardrobe, watching in it motion is something else.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Four Of Our Favourite Shows To Binge Watch Just For The Fashion, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Ride the Hallyu wave and get cosy with this seaside town drama. A young dentist from Seoul moves to a fictional coastal small town where everyone is up each other’s business and finding a good cup of coffee is a task. Yoon Hye-Jin can’t help falling head over heels in love with the town’s knight in shining armour despite a series of unfortunate events unfolding. True to her Seoul soul,  Yoon Hye-Jin continues to be sighted in the latest It-bags, makeup, outfits and jewellery throughout the series. Noteworthy is a pair of Roger Vivier pumps that get washed away in the very first episode.