Hidden Travel Gems for a Diwali Getaway

Lucky for us, Diwali is round the corner and it comes bearing the ultimate gift – a long weekend. This Diwali, while you avoid bursting crackers, we made sure you didn’t have to burst your fanciful bubble of travel and thrill!

We got in touch with travel advisor and enthusiast Soumya Gaur of Yaan Tours (@yaantours.india) to unveil a list of landing places this long weekend.

Fling open your travel bags, throw in the outfits you’ve been eagerly waiting to put on, pack in a snack and your sunglasses, and head over to one of these perfectly sublime destinations, carefully selected by Soumya’s extraordinary eye.


Coco Shambhala, Nerul, Goa

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Goa

Decades seem to have passed since the thought of basking in the sun and floating away in a pool by a beautiful villa flitted through our mind. Coco Shambhala redefines peace with luxury villas that will leave you feeling content and comforted. Wake up to the sound of the sea, the waves breaking at shore, sunlight pouring through the windows, and breathing air that’s fresh and verdant.


Ramathra Fort, Sapotara, Rajasthan

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Rajasthan

For the sake of nature and natural pools, The Ramathra Fort offers you a serene and soothing view as well as an excursion in hand rowed boats at the Kalisil Lake. Delve into the simpler times with a hint of royalty and a deep rooted sense of ancient Indian culture and heritage. Savour nobility in all its true magnificence.


Sarai at Toria, Panna, Madhya Pradesh

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Madhya Pradesh

While some of you might prefer dreamy pool sides, The Sarai at Toria takes you on an earthy adventure with its repose by the river. Cottages are designed and crafted in a way where they resemble those in villages, so as to capture the grounded feeling the property invokes. Find yourself at peace and stimulate a more balanced well-being for yourself even if it lasts for a short getaway!


The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, Tadoba, Maharashtra

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Maharashtra

Take home a piece of the wild and a chunk of the jungle, after your stay at the almost artistic Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge in Tadoba. It’s the perfect weather for such a place and such an adventure, and evening snacks and conversation on an open deck merging with the wilderness around. For those of you not too kicked about water, the forest safaris and being truly amidst nature in open vehicles with sandwiches to much on might find you the peace and quiet you’re looking for!


Jalakara, Havelock, Andaman Islands

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Andaman Island

Think fragrant incense sticks, scented candles, the smell of mystical oils and flowers in bloom - what you get is Jalakara in the Andaman Islands. A getaway here can be many things – from packed with activities to paced out and rejuvenating. Lose yourself in well-being and nurture and leave yourself feeling refreshed and enlivened!


Chanoud Garh, Chanod, Rajasthan

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Rajasthan

Fitting with the current issue of social distancing norms, Chanoud Garh is a relatively small property and if you’re looking to enjoy a getaway with a small group of friends and family, book a minimum of four rooms to have the place to yourselves. A good getaway for the winter, Chanoud Garh has history and humility stored in abundance for its visitors.


Cabo Serai, Cabo de Rama, Goa

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Goa

Open, airy and inviting, Cabo Serai lies a stone’s throw away from the Cabo de Rama beach. Lose your gaze at a panoramic view of the endless waters, and if you feel revitalized by dusk, enjoy an intimate affair of drinks and dancing, cheer and chirpy laughs in outdoor shamiyanas.


Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala

Diwali, Getaway, Travel, Kerala

Swings over breezy water where you can dip your legs while you sway to and fro? Yes, please! Kerala has many well known vacation destinations, but the Kumarakom Lake Resort summons tranquility and true bliss. Whether you’re invigorated to take in all that Kumarakom has to offer for the upcoming weekend or not, any visit you plan here calls for more than three unbound and unoccupied days!


While uncertain times might call for particularly certain measures, the looming long weekend and static last few months warrant a short getaway while heading toward a new year. Come back renewed, reconstructed and mentally renovated to recommence the every day. Head over to yaantours.com to plan and pursue your trip and avail of a special discount.