Home Trends to Befriend

While the last year came with some jolts and jerks, we’ve decided to restructure this year by starting with our humble abodes with the help of interior designer Sarah Sham. The commencement of this new year marks the birth of a new decade, and we’ve got Sarah helping us telescope into home trends we want to embrace.


From Mundane to Monochrome

Sarah Sham, Interior, Home, Monochrome

Home accessories and furniture of mismatched colours and different hues may have been the ‘in thing’ once, but in recent months most people are shifting to reorganizing their home aesthetic with the same colour palette. From shades of teal that make for charming vases and splashes of a darker blue in upholstered sofas – the monochromatic theme seems to have caught the attention of many.


Ethereal Materials

Sarah Sham, Interior, Home, Ethereal Materials

A popular Instagram trend due to it’s easy to make and effortless beauty is the epoxy coffee table. Epoxy is an adhesive resin that bonds all woods, aluminum as well as glass, and has been a trendy DIY activity. Instantaneously adding to your home aesthetic with a flush of fervor, materials such as epoxy are being widely used in adding to home furniture.


Moving Away From Marble

Sarah Sham, Interior, Home, Marble walls

While marble is and probably will be widely used for home flooring, many have moved on from marble on floors to marble on walls. Adopting a process known as marble fluting where slabs of marble are chiseled and crafted with undulations and intricate designs, you’ll find your home even lovelier with marble walls. Stones juxtaposed with leather have also made their way up the list of home trends, and we can’t help but get carried away with the sound of that!


Go For A Garden

Sarah Sham, Interior, Home, Garden, indoors

Many of us may be spoiled with a little extra outdoor space to accommodate a garden, but for those who aren’t, start planting your favourite herbs in tiny planters for a vertical little garden on your wall. Bring your basil and parsley closer to you where they’re easily accessible and as organic as they can be.


Simply Sustainable

Sarah Sham, Interior, Home, sustainable, eco friendly

Times have changed and so must you – our environment needs a little extra care and concern, and it starts with the paint you pick for your newly fashioned home. Do away with paints and polishes that contain a sea of toxins and embrace the use of natural or water-based oils and polishes. Linseed oil is a great natural alternative to some of these polishes as compared to the traditionally used wood spray polish containing melamine.


Live In Light

Sarah Sham, Interior, Home, lights, arjun rathi

Chandeliers may be magisterial, but with the emphasis we have been giving to the lighting in our homes, using key space lighting with one or two accent lights are much more impactful and soothing to the eye. Using a flat false ceiling with a stand-alone lighting structure is not only where home trends are headed toward, but make for optimal utilization of space and distribution of light.


Trends will come and go, but for now, these are here to stay! Accentuate the aesthetic of your home with these simple trends to house your mind and body in the most tranquil and trendy of homes.