How Iconic Art Can Teach Optimism: A Collector’s Perspective

The thing about Museums is that they protect us. They protect us on rainy and snowy days. They take us through time – impressionists, modern, contemporary. They tell us stories and teach us about fashion, accessories…even opulent dinner tables. But today is not a Monday, and the Museums are closed. Closed until further notice – to protect us! 

The Lovers by Rene Margritte

In light of COVID-19, museums are offering virtual tours to quarantined enthusiasts. As one browses through the collections one can’t help but feel the eeriness of the works that once delighted us – The Scream by Edvard Munch, The Veiled Lovers by Rene Margritte, The Enigma of the Hour by Giorgio de Chirico, the Surrealism of Dali’s Melting clocks. But that’s the interesting part about art – it recontextualizes itself to remain pertinent and engage us.


In other virtual art news, museums have been introducing us to art created for today! The Louisiana Museum of Art and London’s National Portrait Gallery, shared David Hockney’s new artwork of bright yellow daffodils, titled “Do remember they can’t cancel the spring”. How this particular work adapts to the future is yet to be seen, but for now it leaves us with a message of hope, of natures power over us and of having a continued lust for life as we live in lockdown. 

While some may question the impact of virtual museums – they undoubtedly still protect us. They keep us in! They tell us to:


Art is Precious. But they have LED lights, electric fences and museum glass. We need more than that at this point. Life is Precious! Let the museums (virtually for now) protect us! Stay In. Stay Safe! And…“Do remember they can’t cancel spring”.