How to Rethink Your Wedding During a Pandemic

Whether the ceremonies are postponed or you’ve decided to have quarantine-approved celebrations, planning a wedding, especially during the pandemic, is not an easy feat. While it may seem like your plans have turned upside down but panicking will not help your situation. Here is a how-to guide to plan one of the most important (albeit intimate) days of celebration in your life.

Conundrum 1: Should you invest in a big, no-holds-barred bridal dress?

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Go ahead if you want to. However, there are other restrained (yet stunning) options worth exploring too. Wearing an heirloom family sari, for instance, with a modern blouse is a great way to embrace tradition and be sustainable at the time. If you want to buy something new altogether, here’s some good news: The latest couture week took place digitally so you can make Instagram your starting point. Then make a virtual appointment with the designers you like. The overall mood for bridal wear has drifted towards neutrals and sombre pastels. All you need to remember is: less can be more.

Conundrum 2: Who should you invite for your wedding?

pandemic, wedding, arrangement

Let’s face it: You cannot have a 500-person wedding anymore. However, this also presents you with a wonderful opportunity to make every guest count and be more inclusive virtually. Live stream your wedding for all your friends and family. A Zoom meeting allows up to 100 guests, while Google Hangout admits 25 people. By upgrading to a premium plan, you can invite 500 people on Zoom, and even extend your call for more than 40 minutes.

Conundrum 3: How can you bid farewell to your plans for having a destination wedding?

pandemic, wedding, arrangement

These are unprecedented times so travelling domestically or internationally to your dream destination might be way more stressful than it was during pre-coronavirus times. You can, however, choose a location that holds an emotional significance for your relationship or ask your wedding planner to theme the ceremony around your favourite destination. It’s time to put your creative hats on.

Conundrum 4: Should you postpone your honeymoon?

pandemic, wedding, arrangement

It’s better to postpone the honeymoon than to cancel it. Most airlines and hotels have flexible policies now. Perhaps consider planning a trip around the first anniversary and you never know, you may even end up getting a free upgrade!