In The Spirit of Christmas & Wish Lists

Along with the hues of red and green, this Christmas, we've got a splash of a real life rainbow coming your way - to add colour to the lives of near and dear ones in the spirit of gifts and gratitude. Blending our products with the cheer of Christmas, we're bringing you clutches on crockery, bags with baguettes and some frolicking brewed with fruits.

'Tis the season with the reason to cherish and spread charm - to make merry and immerse in a kaleidoscope of colour and fervour. Escalate the ardour with endless endearment and pristine presents at Le Mill, this Christmas. Garnishing our products with a gusto that comes with unending affection, we're diving into the spirit of Christmas with a bit of a whoop and a drizzle of a hoot. #ChristmasFeastWithLeMill


Chow Down On This Chocolaty Delight

Christmas, Balenciaga, Flowers Anonymous

Hourglass Small Bag by Balenciaga

Fruit Assortment by Flowers Anonymous


Indulge In Berries And Cream For The First Round Of Dessert

Christmas, Jacquemus, Gât'Oh, Flowers Anonymous

Le Riviera in Kakhi, Le Riviera in Pink, Le Riviera in White by Jacquemus

Canelé by Gt’OhFlorals by Flowers Anonymous


Croissants With A Side Of Cream Cheese Please

Christmas, Saint Laurent, Mag St. Bread Co, Kitchen Garden

Niki Chain Wallet by Saint Laurent

Croissant and Stollen by Mag St. Bread CoBun by Kitchen Garden


Christmas Candies

Christmas, Wandler, Gât'Oh, Kitchen Garden

Georgia Bag in Glass TealGeorgia Bag in BlossomGeorgia Bag in Black by Wandler

Canelé by Gt’Oh, Baguettes by Kitchen Garden


Mistletoe For Keeps

Christmas, Tallin Jewels, Gât'Oh, Mag St Bread Co

Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Onyx Necklace by Tallin Jewels

Paris Brest by Gt’Oh, Cinnamon rolls by Mag St. Bread Co


Christmas Ornaments We Are Longing For

Christmas, Estaa, Gât'Oh

Emerald Spring Bracelet with Diamonds by Estaa

Eclairs by Gt’Oh


Quilts Aren't Just For The Bedroom. We Are Taking Them To Our Christmas Dinner.

Christmas, Saint Laurent, Mag St Bread Co, Flowers Anonymous

Angie Bag in Piombo, Angie Bag in Marble Pink by Saint Laurent

Palmiers by Mag St. Bread Co, Florals by Flowers Anonymous


Dessert Is Served

Christmas, Vanda Jacintho, Kitchen Garden, Mag St Bread Co

Organic Necklace by Vanda Jacintho

Sourdough by Kitchen Garden, Cruffin by Mag St. Bread Co


Two's A Party

Christmas, Jacquemus, Flowers Anonymous, Vanilla Miel

La Banane in Dark Green, La Banane in Grey by Jacquemus

Florals by Flowers Anonymous, Cake by Vanilla Miel


Wishing Star

Christmas, Saint Laurent, Gât'Oh

Palladium Star Tassel Earrings by Saint Laurent

Pecan tart by Gt’Oh


All Good Things Come In Threes

Christmas, Balenciaga, Kitchen Garden

Crush Large Bracelet in BlackCrush Large Bracelet in WhiteCrush Large Bracelet in Turquoise by Balenciaga

Bun by Kitchen Garden


Silver Lining

Christmas, Saint Laurent, Gât'Oh, Flowers Anonymous

Small Sunset Monogram Bag by Saint Laurent

Pecan tart by Gt’Oh, Florals by Flowers Anonymous


We'll Take A Baguette (And Her Bag Please)

Christmas, Balenciaga, Kitchen Garden, Vanilla Miel

Everyday XXS Tote Bag by Balenciaga

Baguette by Kitchen Garden, Tart by Vanilla Miel


Toffee Goodness

Christmas, Chloé, Gât'Oh, Purple Pistachoux Bakery, Mag St Bread Co

Rusted Orange Necklace by Chloé

Pecan tart by Gt’Oh, Banoffee pie by Purple Pistachoux Bakery, Croissant by Mag St. Bread Co



Creative Direction: @pri_ism