Internet Slang To Brush Up On

Ever felt Gen-Z-ed with terminology far beyond your comprehension? Everyone knows the one way to stay hip and with it, is to just to sound like the cool kids. It wasn’t long before we understood the right way to use catfishing in a sentence. We’ll do you one solid and refresh your vocabulary not just so you can safely message on the family group of cousins, but also know what’s happening on the internet.

Girl Dad

If you’ve come across videos of dads singing along to Taylor Swifts lyrics, knowing their moon rising, have nail appointments, carry Stanley cups its a girl dad you are looking at. Endearingly funny, there have to be a few girl dads you know in your circle. Give them a shoutout. Make them feel cool.

Rat Girl Summer

After tomato girl summer of last year we have a whole new vibe of girlhood that you are wholly unprepared for. We are embracing travel in unexpected places, small girl snacks (or rat snacks) and quietly enjoying the summer, come as it may, staying in our lanes with this vibe. Rat Girl Summer in a nutshell is about independence.

My Roman Empire Is...

If you find yourself in a predicament that seems to have an inconclusive or an unsatisfactory end, you declare that topic of conversation as your Roman Empire. To use it in a sentence would be on the lines of–My Roman Empire Is Kendall Roy’s inheritance.

Silent Review

This is more a function of seeing than speaking. Giving something a silent review has to do with your facial expressions. If you find your cabinmate swoon worthy or an environment cringe, you let your eyes do the talking. A silent review suffices when words aren’t necessary.


To be salty is to obviously make clear, one’s displeasure in another’s company. But being salty is a thing of 2023, in 2024 we are marinating in our feelings. We are wholly embracing the complexities of a scenario, not reacting to small traps of disagreement but instead throw it back with full vengeance when the time is right.


BBG in essence has two meanings–it could be a term of endearment–baby girl or used politely to end a conversation that’s been running too long. If your ex roommate is having a meltdown and has been speed texting for 30 minutes, BBG along with a plausible excuse will set you free.