#LeMillRecommends: 8 Documentaries To Watch Right Now

A documentary (or eight) to refuel and recentre your mind this new year. Experience awe-inspiring victories and shattering unrighteousness. Brace for impact and keep fighting the good fight- share and binge on!


Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (Netflix)

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A revolting first-person recount of survivors of a flamboyant millionaire and his sex ring of underage girls. Coined “one of the worst failures of the criminal justice system”, Jeffrey Epstein encapsulates everything you will come to hate about money and the absurdities it affords.


The Last Narc (Amazon Prime)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Last Narc

Chronicling a story about the war on drugs and the price paid to stand unwaveringly on the path to truth. Follow along on a murky whodunnit evolving into the unraveling of a bone-chilling torture story and exposé. A gruesome betrayal part of a sizeable transgression will propel you into a state of anguish and utter disbelief.


The Great Hack (Netflix)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, The Great Hack

A gripping documentary seamlessly tying data-mining into an intricate narrative on a self-proclaimed “political consulting firm” and its contribution to explosive scandals surrounding the Brexit vote and the 2017 Trump election. Underlining the dark realities of the technological revolution, this massive unveil serves as an engaging campaign for data rights as human rights.


Social Dilemma (Netflix)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Social Dilemma

An eerie, relevant plunge into the perilous world of technology- where nothing is as it seems. Discover how masked exploitation and tweaking algorithms feed an addiction that’s the hardest one to beat- one you’re in denial about. Disclaimer: Existential crisis to follow.


The Last Dance (Netflix)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, The Last Dance

The Last Dance provides an in-depth look into the Chicago Bulls' dynasty in the 1990s. With a special focus on their final championship season, the series features unseen footage of personnel behind the Bulls' historic run. Exploring Michael Jordan's trajectory into super-stardom, it breaks down the individual elements that when put together, united an entire city through basketball.


Trial by Media (Netflix)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Trial By Media

Six cases reexplored to understand the psychology of story-telling in the court of public opinion. Created by George Clooney, Court TV creator Steven Brill and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin- this one is an easy sell. Watch on as public sympathies led by the media sway cases at every turn.


Welcome to Chechnya (HBO Original)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Welcome to Chechnya

A terrifying Russian government-led crusade doing irrevocable damage to the LGBTQ community and as a result, freedom of humanity. Grieve their lives that were left behind, to lead the fated onwards to safety. The disheartening testimonies of torture and murder are a jab to the gut, a reminder of the heinous society we remain a part of.


13th (Netflix)

Documentaries, Docu-Dramas, Netflix, Amazon Prime, 13th

Expect to feel an indescribable flurry of emotion as you weep through this heart-wrenching hour and forty minutes. Made possible by a series of interviews, Ava Duverney’s 13th is a compelling call to action against racial injustice and what it means to be black in modern-day America.