#LeMillRecommends: Independent Films to Watch

Are there any new movies to watch? A question we find ourselves asking each other time and again. When in doubt it's good to see what independent films are making noise. But how do you work out the best independent films when there is so much debate about how the genre is actually constituted? On the surface, the question has an easy answer: a movie made outside the traditional studio system. And yet that leaves almost as many questions.

In short, if you’re in the mood for a feature film with a shift in perspective, we bring you the best independent movies to add to your must-watch list – from the ones you might have missed to awards-season winners and this year’s film festival contenders.

Theater Camp

This laugh-a-minute, mockumentary-style indie is based on a short by the film’s multi-hyphenate frontwoman, Molly Gordon (who writes, directs and produces this). It is an affectionate delve into the world of theatre enthusiasts at a small performing arts camp in Upstate New York. When their fearless leader (Amy Sedaris) falls into a coma (triggered by a malfunctioning strobe light), the troupe bands together to ensure the show goes on. Expect jazz hands, improv and plenty of musical puns.

Available to stream now at Disney+ Hotstar.

The Beast

Léa Seydoux is sublime as the heroine of this futuristic thriller by French independent director Bertrand Bonello. Falling somewhere between ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, the movie’s plot unfolds in the year 2044, when any human emotion is considered a threat to survival. The psychological melodrama is based on a short story by Henry James, in which Gabrielle (Seydoux) undergoes a procedure to rid herself of all feelings. However, when she meets Louis (George MacKay), cracks start to form in her steely composure.

Available to stream now on Netflix.

All of us Strangers

Two of TV’s favorite faces – ‘Fleabag’s’ ‘hot priest’ Andrew Scott and ‘Normal People’s’ Paul Mescal – unite in this soul-stirring love story by indie director Andrew Haigh. Covering similar ground to his critically acclaimed debut ‘Weekend’, Haigh takes us on a journey into the beating heart of a serendipitous romance between two outsiders who live next door to each other. With supporting roles from Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, prepare to be heartbroken by four of this generation’s finest actors.

Available to stream now on Disney+ Hotstar.

Kinds of Kindness

Another Yorgos Lanthimos masterpiece is upon us. Following his Oscar-winning movie ‘Poor Things’ comes ‘Kinds of Kindness’, a psychodrama that twists its way through three separate storylines, each as surreal and dark as the next. Without a doubt, it's an Emma Stone-starrer with Hunter Schafer, Jesse Plemons and Willem Dafoe supporting. From Plemons’ portrayal of a man in crisis to Stone trying to find spiritual redemption – in true Lanthimos style, this film seems to look like a cautionary tale for the ages.

In theaters from June 21.

Eileen (thriller/mystery)

Based on Ottessa Moshfegh’s debut novel of the same name, this big-screen adaptation follows the unraveling of Eileen Dunlop, an antisocial woman stuck in a rut, both personally and professionally. When a charismatic new member of staff, Rebecca, joins the office, their friendship blossoms… until, under the influence of Rebecca, Eileen finds herself dragged into a heinous crime. Another reason to watch? An awards-worthy performance by Anne Hathaway as Rebecca.

Available to stream now on Amazon Prime video.