#LeMillRecommends: Lockdown Music

Music is sound and sound is vibration. What you listen to during lockdown can deeply affect and alter your mood. The Le Mill team shares their most played songs during Lockdown. From oldies to pop currents and obscure jazz, check out our most played songs for a pick me up or a good old song to sob to. (Catharsis is important).


Temptations By Jitwam

Turn your living room into a smooth one woman dance party, sip on some wine and groove to the sunset. Jitwam is an up and coming dj and producer, currently hustling in Brooklyn, NY. With roots in Assam, Australia and London, he’s influenced by the Jazz greats and from his transient travels and encounters.


Hard Place By H.E.R.

Grunge Pop, H.E.R.’s smooth vocals and mellow beats are always good to escape into.


Yellow By Coldplay


Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ will always be a comfort classic to sing along to. Familiar, nostalgic and yellow.


 Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Pretty much what quarantine feels like, running up an infinitely steep hill except your deepest darkest fears are the rock you tread on. Thank you Kate Bush for the Monday Motivation.


Hurricane by Bob Dylan 

A master storyteller, a soft harmonica and Sir Bob Dylan’s grounded voice is all we can ask for, when we sip on this evening’s rum and whiskey.


A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion 

An old school ballad we will never be ashamed to sing along to. All hail the French-Canadian Queen of Pop.


Imagination by Foster The People


Nothing like a Foster the People playlist to reignite the child in you. Grab some paints, swim in your strangest fantasies while the world as we know it, changes forever.


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Kenny Chesney and David Lee Murphy

The more you chant the mantra, the closer it comes to becoming true. From the country duo.


 Moon River by Louis Armstrong

A beautiful classic, to take us back to simpler times. Listen before bedtime for sweeter dreams.

You Gonna Fly by Keith Urban

Another country classic, with a blinding optimism to help pull you out of a depressive pity party. Keith Urban believes in you and so do we.
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger by Kelly Clarkson 

Wise words to live by courtesy Kelly Clarkson in her powerhouse days.

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