#LeMillRecommends: Online Classes & Activities for Kids

We know how hard it is to keep your young ones occupied, engaged and excited about learning as we continue to stay at home. So we've put together a list of fun classes and activities you can occupy your kids with, with minimal supervision so your kids can learn as they make new friends, virtually!

Gardening Workshop

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Gardening is an engaging way to reconnect with nature and earn yourself a little herb garden. The Banyan Tree is a holistic home decor and plant store which organises workshops and teaches their customers how to nurture their greens correctly. Gardening is not just a therapeutic practice but also allows us to make simple lifestyle changes where we're more aligned with our ecology, allowing us to take ownership of conscious living. Check out this special gardening workshop for your little ones. Sign up here

Photography Workshop

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Do your kids have a creative side they're unable to channel? In the age of social media, knowing how to take an aesthetic photograph seems to be a life skill. Enroll your younglings into a photography workshop and document your lockdown ups and downs together so 5 years later, you have more than just selfies to piece back your life together on. Sign up here for the 5 day class led by Philip Ross (20th-25th July).

After School Workshops 


Online classes, Activities, Kids, Workshops, recommendation

With school indefinitely on break, it can be difficult to know where and how to map out your infants learning. Tickle Right offers educational classes focused on building skills catered to "right brain" aka creative thinking, as traditional Indian education systems, focuses more heavily on "left brain" or analytical thinking in young children. Learn how to unleash your child's creative potential at a developmental stage with Tickle Right's fun classes. 

Customised Books

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With more and more children having access to video based learning and games at a young age, reading can be challenging to incorporate into their routine. Static reading rests the eyes, builds the imagination and focuses attention, not just in children but also in adults. With 'Booky Boo' customise and adapt your child's favourite story and turn them into the protagonist. Create personalised narratives, games and interactive stories where your child can see themselves as a capable warrior, boosting self esteem and increasing engagement. Learn more here.

Coding for Kids


Online classes, Activities, Kids, Workshops, recommendation

White Hat Jr. provides a platform for kids to take up coding classes and learn through fun challenges and competitions. This interactive program allows kids to work on apps, build creative solutions to contemporary problems and learn design thinking: a skill that is essential to learn in an artificial intelligence fueled world. Click here to learn more and sign up. What better time to pick up a new skill than now, right?

Play Dates


Online classes, Activities, Kids, Workshops, recommendation

"Playy Date" is a portal parents can turn to, when looking for engaging activities, games or events designed for children of all age groups. From 'mystery parties', to book readings, dance classes and art workshops, stay in the know on virtual events taking place across the country where your young one can learn a new skill, play a new game or simply socialise during lockdown. Click here to learn more.