#LeMillRecommends: Our Team Shares Their Non-Resolutions

The beauty of a New Year’s resolution is that it’s yours to make of what you will. There are the classic commitments we all quietly make to eat better, read more and take up yoga—timeless and commendable goals that mark the new year as a turning of the page and a fresh start. Albeit our determination on these matters tends to wane by late February, we all know it’s the effort that counts.

But as the new year dawns, our spirits are high and our motivation is peaking, it’s also an excellent opportunity to get creative and keep it low-key. We’re not asking for huge commitments - but this year, try one new thing. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and just try out something that you’ve been meaning to but just can’t seem to find the time to do.

Team Le Mill has decided to tell you what they are doing this year and put it on record to make it difficult to forget as the months progress.

Nandita Dalmia, General Manager

“I’ve been meaning to join a book club to hold myself accountable on my reading. I think it’s a great interactive space that would encourage me to read more, as I’ve always wanted to.”

Wasif Rizvi, Store Manager

“I keep saying I’d do this, but I think 2024 is the year that I’d actively learn to cook, for myself and my family. Maybe start out small and learn how to cook those easy and quick Instagram recipes.”

Sana Milpada, Assistant Store Manager

“The great outdoors has always intimidated me so this year I plan on taking a small trek just off the city.”

Navna Mehra, Client Development Manager

“I hate when you go to a make-up artist and my vision isn’t understood, 2024 is the year I will try my hand at professional make-up so that I don’t have to rely on anyone”

Simran Shetty, Marketing & Website Coordinator

“This year I want to dabble into slow creativity. For a while now I’ve wanted to try out a glass blowing workshop but haven’t created the time. I will finally do that”

Aakanksha Kadambathil, Buying Associate

“I’ve always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. I’ve bought the guitar, just have push myself to learn it a little everyday.”

Shilpa Sharma, Senior Stylist

“This is the year I will take a trip for myself, maybe a solo trip? I’ve always wanted to but now it’s time to push myself.”

Meeti Pahuja, Fashion Stylist

“I keep seeing these paint workshops online. This year I might attend a couple and finally paint that empty canvas that’s been lying in my room.”

Davina Chhabra, Fashion Stylist

“I gave up learning the piano when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade and I keep wanting to go back. All these years I’ve had several excuses to push it but this year I will finally learn from the basics (and buy my first piano too!).”

Savvio D’souza, Fashion Stylist

“On impluse I’ve signed up for Hindustani Classical music classes and now I have to show up. I’ve always enjoyed singing and now I’ll sing confidently on karaoke nights.”