#LeMillRecommends: Podcasts to Listen to

Podcasts have revolutionized the way we consume our media, whether its news, a new novel or information. It often feels like there's never enough time or we're "wasting" our precious minutes while we're stuck in traffic commuting or choosing between a book or the gym: with podcasts you don't have to. Listen as you workout, shop for groceries or drive. The Le Mill team shares their favourite podcasts on everything from fashion, politics, philosophy, comedy, thrillers and fiction to help you delve into a whole new universe. 

 WTF with Marc Maron

Comedian and actor, Marc Maron's acclaimed podcast has been live for a decade. The podcast, filmed in his garage has featured guests like Mandy Moore, Sean Penn, Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Barack Obama. For a raw,comedic take on life's struggles, racism, sexuality, film and more. The latest episodes feature John Legend, Helen Mirren and other famouses. Listen here.

The Business of Fashion 'Inside Fashion' Podcast

If you're a fashion enthusiast, you have to listen to the holy grail of fashion podcast. The weekly BOF Podcast features fashion legends and up and coming designers. Latest episodes include everything from Rick Owens' take on how fashion shows aren't going away in a post-covid world, Jochen Zeitz (former CEO of Puma on driving sustainable change and more. 

Welcome to Nightvale 

Created by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, Welcome to Nightvale is a bi-monthly podcast about the fictional town of Nightvale. The stand alone episodes feature fantasy-horror stories, where all the urban legends and conspiracy theories we hear are true. Check out some of our favourite episodes, "The Faceless Old Woman" or "Lost in the Mail". These 20 minute podcasts are essentially short stories, designed for listening. 

The Trypod by The Try Guys 

The "Try Guys" are 4 guys who try new things. They've risked their lives for their youtube channel and now they're telling those stories on their podcast. From popular culture, current affairs and adventures in love, there's something here for everyone. Hilarious and engaging, this is a non-committal way to catch up with current happenings. Listen here.

Serial with Sarah Koenig

Hosted by Sarah Koenig and now at it's third season, Serial tells one true story of crime and injustice per season. It follows a longform, investigative journalism format, setting up the case, and then lets the story unfold. Season 1 of 'Serial' became hugely successful, drawing to attention the disappearance of a young high school student, Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed who was accused for her murder. Can he prove his innocence? The latest season takes a broader look into the cases that float in and out the Cleveland courthouse. Listen to 'Serial' to find out. 

This American Life 

This American Life features true stories pertaining to both history and current affairs. Everything from Black Lives Matters protests to China's changing national security laws: this podcast is an opportunity to think more deeply about what's happening around us and what that means. Catch up here.

Conspiracy Theories by Parcast

Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy pick a famous conspiracy theory every week and deconstruct them in an attempt to come closer to the truth. Was the Titanic based on a true story? How did Elvis Presley die? How did Hitler come to power?Was Atlantis real? Find the answers to your burning questions, here. 

What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

This podcast is everything you love about late night TV in a podcast. Stay posted on politics, entertainment, celebrity gossip and pop culture with host Andy Cohen. Listen here.